When to make the introduction

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If you give them the sense that you are going into this wisely and with your eyes wide open, that will give them a sense of assurance. Do some searches on Google to screen your potential dates. Or tell them you were thinking about asking the widow Jones out to dinner, and see what their response is.

Dating when your a single parent takes additional responsibility. It is your job to show them all of the ways in which she brings a new and different kind of joy, stability and companionship that will be a positive thing for everybody. As a parent, you have to be careful with the people you allow into your life.

When to make the introduction. You just need someone nice to be with and share your time with.

Most of their objections can really be traced back to the fact that any new date you have is not their mother. Hold her hand and let them see the glow she brings out in you, but allow them to warm up to her slowly.

Show them you have

You have to begin by understanding that they have never seen you as a flesh-and-blood human being with a real need for romance and sex. But it is your life, and you deserve the fulfillment that you can only get from the love and companionship of a good woman. And make your first meetings in a public place, as women can be used to lure unsuspecting men into a bad situation, especially if you have more than a few nickels to rub together. You have to remain flexible. As the mother of a two-and-a-half-year old, I thought it would be interesting to explore the world of dating as a single parent.

Understand their point of

Show them you have fun together and share a healthy respect for each other. Understand their point of view. You may already know some eligible women, such as widows of your friends or acquaintances or other single or divorced ladies from your neighborhood or church. They may be delighted, or you may sense a bit of apprehension.