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Larry publishes his article about Piper in the New York Times, which turns her into a person of interest for inmates and corrections officers alike. Red confronts Piper about the lies she told regarding Red's family's store, causing Red to cut off both Piper and her husband for dishonesty before Healy gives her a dressing down. Polly visits Litchfield, and in a subtext-filled conversation, Piper learns that her best friend was Larry's until-then nameless hook-up.

The way Poussey, Taystee, Black Cindy, and Watson eventually rallied behind her really warmed my broken heart. Red is pissed at Piper when she sees everyone else roving the grounds, searching for the chicken, but Piper reels her back in with an inspirational speech. Grief looms over the prison as the inmates mourn a recent suicide. There, she learns that while curiosity kills cats, hers has landed her a transfer out of Litchfield.

We get to peek at the routine Piper mentioned to Nicky in the last episode, how waking up is a struggle of realization between where she actually is versus where she wants to be. She had to have been the only black person they knew. That is fucking scary and not at all reassuring. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. In case you couldn't tell, I have a really big crush on Nicky.

While on the lawn one morning, Piper sees a chicken roosting nearby on the grass. How amazing was Poussey in this episode? Daya goes into labor, and will not let her mother Aleida help as Aleida was trying to solicit money from Mendez's mother. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Seen in a bedroom, both are totally nude as they attempt the lesbian act that brings to mind steel cutting through paper.

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15 Hottest Scenes Yet From Orange Is The New Black

Back from her bizarre funeral-slash-wedding-filled furlough, a perfume-splashed Piper squat-and-coughs her way back into Litchfield and its revenge-filled ecosystem. His problems are small, undercooked potatoes compared to Pornstache's, though. Mad respect, prison guard named Fischer. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. That was so very crushingly telling.

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Orange is the new black (season 3)

Piper grabs Alex's head and strengthens the kiss. We gotta get to breakfast. Piper recruits Cal to assist in the operation. Her stomach flutters and she struggles to keep a smile to herself.

Orange is the New Black recap We can be heroes - AfterEllen

Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. Beating up Poussey who has mad integrity! It seems like Suzanne's parents, or mom at least since we barely see her father, always had good intentions, singles dating india but never knew how to treat Suzanne like her own.

Second, she's set for departure the same day Alex was supposed to visit. Alex suddenly, and very gently, bites Piper's clit and then starts sucking on it. Alex is paranoid that her former boss is trying to kill her. Piper agrees to set up a payment plan using cash cards, but then fires Flaca for instigating the uprising.

Complications arise concerning Daya's baby after Cesar is arrested. Can't we all just call it finger-banging like civilized people? Even if she does, should she?

Caputo denies rumors from the staff that the prison is shutting down, but the staff is suspicious. And for surprisingly being old chums with Red? Vee is a fucking scary-ass bitch. And I can't believe Vee drove a wedge between Poussey and Taystee just because she gave her a piece of cake before! Mendez's mother visits the prison and offers to adopt Daya's baby, causing tension among Bennett, Daya and Aleida.

If Vee gets Nicky on heroin again, Red better come down on her like a red dragon of justice, which is another odd thing I wrote in my notes. Since Vee, Taystee's can we just call her her mom? The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Piper Chapman is sent to jail as a result of her relationship with a drug smuggler.

She kind of looks like Peter Pan. Piper's eyes rolled to the back of her head. Red corners Vee during the storm and chokes her nearly to the point of death with some plastic wrap. Dayanara, Nicky, and Red plot to end Mendez's career by tricking him into revealing his indiscretions. She doesn't read it, but unlike the others she has gotten recently, she doesn't immediately toss it in the trash.

Pornstache is hauled off by the police in front of the entire prison population, which frankly seemed unnecessary but made for a good scene. Did I mention how much I hate Brook? He told her not to eat tuna, dating services for for crying out loud! Thank goodness Healy pulled through with that fake paperwork to save her.

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Piper shoots Alex a look that causes her to laugh. You lie like a damn professional. Piper starts pushing down on Alex's shoulders. As it clucks around the grounds safely on the other side, sun glinting off the lake just beyond, the camera pulls back to reveal Piper pressed against the fence, defeated.

That she had the integrity to protect Suzanne, who she knows is just a victim of Vee's manipulation, really makes me love her that much more. Healy investigates the possibility of a romantic life with Red, but Red quashes the opportunity. List of Orange Is the New Black episodes. Later, he makes the decision to conceal from Piper that Alex unequivocally gave her name and lies to her instead, saying Alex did not name her.

Red fills the hole in the greenhouse with cement, and is later visited by her family, from whom she figures out Piper lied regarding the store's success. Though violence was not the answer and I'm glad her father stopped her. She stops just above Piper's swollen clitoris. First of all, if that thought occurred to you then you should appreciate the embarrassment of riches this pairing has provided all of us viewers. Red and Healy develop a friendship with romantic undertones.

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Orange is the new black alex and piper hook up

  1. Meanwhile, Poussey is extremely unconcerned with laying low.
  2. And I suppose we should address the fact that Piper got Alex sent back to prison, partially for her own selfish reasons and partially to make sure Alex was safe.
  3. And I know what I said about butch misogyny before, but I find myself getting invested in this contest, I guess because of patriarchy.
  4. He continues to recommend medication.

And as unrealistic as it might have been, I was really thrilled to see Sophia's son take kindly to her during their visit. Norma's reputation as a miracle-performing mystic grows. Seen making love before cradling each other and talking, this moment and another in a library later in the episode is the series at its most tender and loving, which can be really hot. Norma and Gloria teamed up to curse Vee, which was cute and freaky. Her mother later dies of an illness, ansonia clock dating estranged from her.

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You save Poussey if you've only got a kitty raft, Taystee! Though I am a fan of Sophia's work in general, I must be honest and say I feel like she failed to give Pennsatucky a proper Watson Pixie. Well, maybe just the first two. During the storm, she is caught by Caputo stealing incriminating files out of Fig's office, and she's left hoping that Caputo's deep hatred for Fig might work in her favor. Big Boo gets a makeover hoping to convince the religious group to give her funding, but she flies into a rage at the man instead.

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Piper and Alex's feud comes to a head in the closed library, where they hook up. What we really care about is the situation that comes together and produces an incredibly sexy scene. Also, online dating profile rating this scene sounds less impactful when one of the character's names is Poussey.

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Orange Is the New Black (season 3)
  • Maybe she'll get the elderly on her side?
  • Good on you not falling for Caputo's moves.
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Meanwhile, Vee's quest for prison world domination is out of control. Counselor Rogers objects when Healy prescribes antidepressants to Soso, causing him to angrily pass Soso's case on to her. Piper grabs Alex's head pushes it into her crotch. Choose an option below to continue browsing TheRichest. Piper doesn't answer and instead shakes her head.

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