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Dharme was a person with rare qualities. He would always encourage me on my numerous endeavours and was the first to appreciate what was done. As it was a Sunday, everyone was at home and rushed to be beside him. For this he vigorously travelled to all corners of the island and his weakness was motor vehicles and the joy of tireless driving. Flower petals were dropped from an Air Ceylon aircraft, organised by the past students.

But during those days the Professor got down films and used projectors to impart knowledge. He was a role model as a minister or chairman.

The daschunds were his favourites and one of them, a pup personally brought over from U. He dedicated his time from eight in the morning till eight in the evening for the Institute's well-being. One teacher did not like this arrangement at all.

It was a pleasure to have you around. So much so, that she never regretted a second she was married to him. Anil never failed to be in the thick of such struggles. She found happiness in such small everyday events in life and thus, inspired me to do so as well. Many were the trips on which he invited me to join him.

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He was the centre of attraction with his usual bantering and with more than a fair share of food and drinks, usually carried the party with him. Fair minded and courteous, he would listen patiently to the counsel of both sides, never engaging in slanging matches. He kept a record of individual student's work.

Sir, you are gone, but not forgotten. He was committed to the hilt in defending the rights of minorities and even welcomed Tamil national consciousness inside the party. They were all memorable, enjoyable and pleasant. Subsequently he obtained a diploma in teaching English as a foreign language, again from the same university.

Many distinguished guests, including Ministers participated in this event. Her face turns towards the sky, her eyes squinting towards the sunlight while the wind plays softly with her hair.

May the Angels play soft music as she alights our hearts once more on this day of remembrance. He was out on the streets meeting with public and sensing their mood.

He took pride in being a grand nephew of the anti-imperialist Anagarika Dharmapala. That was the day I realized that here was a person who was a veritable Bodhisatva. He was emotional and laughed merrily as much as he wept with his heart for the joys and grievances of his people and comrades. She was well known for her remarkable memory which she never lost, even till her very last day.

That is the reason Appachchi, today I look back with no regret, I look back only with a smile on my face and still see you in everything I do and every step I take. Our love for you will continue though we miss you forever. He believed in training not only on technical matters, but also on day-to-day living.