Mortwedt, Percy Stone, Mr

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The Sheehan family making ice cream at the side of a farm pick-up truck. Remodeled farm home for Everett and Beth Sheehan southeast of Clairmont. This was the farm of Tom and Jennie Sheehan, who arrived in the Grande Prairie area in and established a farm southeast of Clairmont. The woman in front of her has an autoharp on her lap. The babies are strapped into the traditional moss bags which took the place of diapers.

Sheehan family camping

The photograph includes the following people who all came to Beaverlodge Alberta to live, except those listed in brackets. Sheehan family camping and perhaps berry-picking. Tom Sheehan is also in the photograph. McBride, and George Stone Jr.

Panoramic photograph of a baseball game at the sportsground on the shore of Saskatoon Lake. Beth and Everett with their first car a Coupe in the yard of their first farm home southeast of Clairmont. In they moved to Pioneer Lodge in Grande Prairie. Charlie Edgerton stands at the ready on the left with a coffee pot, another man on the left with the tea pot.

Tom Sheehan adding water to the radiator of a tractor at Pioneer Farm, near Clairmont. Albumen print of Mable Sills right with a friend ca.

The photograph includes the following

Two other cabins are identified as belonging to Bert Elcombe and Gordon Sherk. Close-up of the windmill tower on Pioneer Farm. Catherines, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Note the ice house in the yard. Beth Flint in the garden at Crescent Grove Farm.