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As viewers, our emotional energy is funneled into the main character, almost to the point where we're the ones throwing the punches. This turned into a problem for Green Chair when its investor, Hapdong Film, decided it was too bizarre to hold any commercial potential, and shelved it. Much of the film's strength must be attributed to the brilliant casting of Kim Ji-soo in the role of Jeong-hye.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Green Chair is its bizarre cocktail party resolution. Much has happened since the November release of Oldboy. The story is based around a mysterious image that briefly appears in the background while a hidden camera records a couple having sex in an old motel. Moreover, performances of the theatrically trained actors here are truly excellent. This crew includes a stock group of characters, the lothario, the comedian, etc.

It is no mean feat to capture the characters in intimate, unguarded moments with handheld camera but to keep the stance non-intrusive, which is what Lee accomplishes here. They are listed in the order of their release.

If that were the case, there would be no reason to structure the film in the unusual way it is put together. Whatever we feel about the character he portrays, Jang's performance is so real and natural that we can't help but be drawn to him.

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They are not interested in the entire structure, but pieces of it. The film score similarly presents contradictions, such as the hopeful melody that highlights the hopeless scene that ends the first half of this film. Feathers in the Wind Sometimes small-scale, informal projects can liberate a director. Despite all these weaknesses, the film probably could have been saved with decent music. Instead, they exploit the textures of a space.