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Battlefield 2142 awards not updating

Here's the less official-sounding version. Other unlockable main weapons include a high-velocity anti-tank rifle lacking guidance systems and an anti-air missile launcher with guidance systems. One of the major issues for any Battlefield game is the number of bugs associated with a launch. For example, this means the information about the class of an enemy soldier is transmitted from an assault class soldier's helmet to the rest of the squad.

We are now giving every User the oportunity to update their stats at stats. New Button for faster update in Control Panel. Increasing these limits are something we will consider going forward.

As a rule of thumb you

As a rule of thumb, you can always promote someone else to one rank lower than your own, and demote or kick members that are one rank or lower than your own. This means they can step in for the General most of the time. The default weapon for this class is a directable anti-vehicle rocket launcher. Names are not exclusive, although some names may be restricted.

The default weapon is a light machine gun. The main weapons are assault rifles with unlockable rocket or shotgun add-ons. At this point I've received a bunch of medals and awards in a match that never actually showed up in the stat tracker.

The use of these unlocks is entirely dependant on the number of members in a squad. The issue has been indentified and a fix is in place to make sure everything you are doing on ranked servers from now on is counted normally. Once the old data is processed and we catch up, then you'll be back to normal with all the stats you are supposed to have plus normal stat processing going forward. The Support kit's helmet upgrade passively spots any enemy within a certain range that starts using the Active Camo. Each kit has different weapons and equipment that are unique to that kit.

The most notable of bugs is in the stat tracking. The advantage is big for both the squad leader and the members so it's a good idea to lock onto a bigger squad and support each other. These issues are sure to be resolved, it's just a matter of how quickly.

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