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It seemed they hadn't a white family on the train for a very long time. This might give you an idea of what travelling on the Orient Express was like in its heyday. Not a huge surprise, but the Zimbabweans we spoke to indicated this is a distinct change from a few years ago. Security in my cabin was fine, with a working lock and a door chain. We felt perfectly safe the entire time.

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It no longer extends to Romania. An Austrian Lloyd steamer then connects for the hour sea voyage to Constantinople Istanbul. We watched the beautiful countryside go by in the morning. In later years, galvanised iron became a popular roofing material, due to its cheapness and durability. Instead I had a breakfast of items I had bought in the well-stocked Pick and Pay supermarket in the centre of Bulawayo.

The train itself was clean though obviously very tired, with torn upholstery and missing fittings. Certainly a chance to see a bit more the countryside and meet people. The Wagons-Lits company provides and staffs the sleeping-cars and dining cars. We had a few curious people pop into our compartment in the morning after noticing the two westerners through the window, etc. There were two lights inside my compartment, but only one of them worked.

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The train makes many additional stops in the countryside, particularly between Hwange and Vic Falls. The bottom of the slab was merely set into a trench. The sheets of bark, having holes pierced through each in pairs, were then tied on the rafters with cords twisted of the inner rind of the kurrajong tree. In the daily Simplon Orient Express was replaced by a slower train, called the Direct Orient Express, which had a twice-weekly sleeping-car Paris to Istanbul.

One of the carriage doors could not be shut and kept bouncing open throughout the journey. Just one of these two sleepers goes through to Calais for the London connection.