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Draft Beer Shanks

Shanks made of brass are economical in installations. However it is important a shank does not go through thick walls where the beer would be allowed to warm up.

Taps for cask beer are simple on-off valves that are hammered into the end of the cask see keystone for details. Shanks come in a variety of lengths. Some manufacturers have tried to address this problem by producing a device which allows the beer to be poured from the bottom up.

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At the end of this tube is a valve built into a fixture usually somewhat decorative on the bar. Because the keg system uses pressure to force the beer up and out of the keg, these taps must have a means of supplying it. It is the transition point between the beer line and the faucet.

When the cask is stored in the cellar and served from the bar, as in most pubs, the beer line is screwed onto the tap and the beer is pulled through it by a beer engine. Use for beer, wine, and cider applications. This is the beer tap and opening it with a small lever causes beer, pushed by the gas from the cylinder, to flow into the glass. In this case, l'oreal rouge caresse dating coral review a self-contained portable tap is required that allows beer to be served straight from the keg. One disadvantage of this system is that it produces a frothy head which must be left to subside before more beer can be added to the glass.

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The faucet is male and the handle is female. Threaded fitting on end allows for easy connection with hex nut and tailpiece inside kegerator. The shank is an excellent conductor of cold between where the beer is stored and the faucet.