Bernstein dating josh

Bernstein dating josh

The case against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy. He also announced his engagement with his girlfriend to his fans and followers sharing a tweet on his official Twitter.

However, the explorer's marriage with wife turned sour and had found love again. However, the show was canceled after just one season, and Josh was fired from his contract with History Channel.

The specific reason for the split has not been addressed in the media, and as a rule, Josh has vowed to never talk about his personal life in the media. Despite the pair looking adorable together, they could not progress to marriage, instead parted their ways citing professional issues. The show was canceled after one season.

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In addition, Josh has also been a contributor to Breitbart News, Mediaequalizer. As a rule, he does not discuss his private life in public.

Josh Bernstein has appeared on thousands of radio and television programs as an analyst and political pundit.

Like the nature of his job, Josh's relationship has also had a fair share of ups and downs. And to shock and dismay of all the fans, they fired off their relationship and divorced after a couple of years of marriage in without revealing any specific reason. After graduating from college, he spent a year in a post-graduate program in Jerusalem studying, among other things, mysticism and ancient texts. He possesses Jewish ethnicity, and his father was born in Jerusalem's Old City. After his divorce with Lily, the adventurer has again found love with his job and is again back to the nature doing what he knows the best.