Blindspot review uk dating

Blindspot review uk dating

At the end of the season, she reverts to her previous persona as Remi as a result of side effects from the drug that originally wiped her memories. He occasionally crosses paths with Weller's team during covert missions.

Eccentric and manic, Rich often embroils Weller's team in elaborate, convoluted schemes to achieve his goals. After Borden's exposure as a Sandstorm mole, she assumed his role as psychiatric counselor for Weller's team.

Mayfair is directly in charge of Kurt and his team, for whom Mayfair acts as an ally and mentor. She was reported to have killed herself, affecting Mayfair deeply. He was killed by Oscar while trying to interrogate Jane. At the end of the season, he is fatally shot by Blake Crawford, and dies in Jane's arms.

Eccentric and manicAfter Borden's exposure as a Sandstorm

She is Kurt's ex-girlfriend, who attempted to restart their relationship. It is later revealed that he was a member of Sandstorm but grew disenchanted with their treatment of Jane.