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And in some cases they really do struggle to manage it. Just off the mark The Quadral system performs somewhat better, however, it still misses out on being in the leading pack. How well built your speakers are is vital.

The package's sonic performance is reasonable as well, and while it's not up to the standards of the best we heard in this test, it certainly betters that of the Bose. This is because, unlike larger stand-alone loudspeakers, the smaller satellites found in these systems don't come close to producing what can realistically be referred to as bass. Looking good The Quadral package is no slouch on the looks and build front either. Throughout all of the packages, this almost uniform sizing makes setting up the satellites relatively simple. The only system that uses an obviously different centre speaker is the item from Quadral.

The larger-than-life sub sounds disjointed from the tiny speakers, and the sonics rarely mesh into a coherent whole. What is more important is how easy it is to set each package up as a convincing surround sound system. And we certainly reckon the supplied metal stands are a thoughtful touch.

They are tall, thin poles that screw into a circular plinth and are excellent value-added additions. Tussle for the top That leaves us with the best two of the bunch.

The Tannoy is the least well finished system on test, but it's also the cheapest by some margin. Still, positioned around a room the Tannoys fade into it - although the largish silver plastic sub takes more thought to hide. The American company usually attempts to break the mould, and this product is no different. The stylish, black Cube satellites will look great in most people's homes, and while the subwoofer is less appealing, it is flexible enough to be hidden out of sight. Balancing the speakers All bar one of the packages here use exactly the same speakers for the five satellites and the matching drive units make for a coherent, all-round sound.

However, it's still not perfect and even after plenty of running in, the satellites sound a touch thin compared to the best here. The Sib speakers sound excellent when playing the rollercoaster ride that is Monsters Inc. You certainly get your money's worth with looks. If you buy this system, you won't be too disappointed.

Also, in the long run, the system may prove to be a poor investment if it breaks. The system looks and feels like it should cost a lot more than the asking price, and its performance is very impressive. The Sibs are even reasonably competent as a stereo pair.

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Rather than powering the satellites directly from a home cinema amplifier or receiver - the standard method used by all of the other systems in this test - Bose uses a propriety method. Its attractively finished exterior and reasonable size means you can keep it on display, even though, as with all of the subwoofers here, you can also hide it behind a sofa. You can be sure that the sonic performance of either won't disappoint. Basically, everything you can ask for.

The mid-range The Quadral system sits somewhere near the the middle of this test when it comes to music playback. All are finished in an attractive, metal-sheen casework. Our Verdict The Bose ultra-stylish surround sound solution sadly doesn't sound as good as it looks.