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It was Brian's job to bank trains up Upwey bank, before coasting back down to Weymouth. This was a new diagram for Stratford, involving freight to Parkeston, train to Sheffield, and returning the same way. Above Britannia, the class leader seen in pristine condition at Liverpool Street Station in London, while waiting for its train to be brought in, and sounding her distinctive chime whistle.

The nameplate would have been of raised brass letters with red backing. Towards the end locomotives tended to be painted in lesser liveries, and often this was covered in a layer of grime. Dark, arrived to collect him. Rather strangely the records show that went into Doncaster Works again two days after this picture was taken, and had the boiler replaced, amongst other things. This brought about disruption and much anguish, but the remedy was relatively straightforward, to raise the dome and the level of steam intake in relation to the water level.

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Sales of postcards, notecards and framed or unframed decorative prints help towards funding the work of the National Railway Museum. Dark's attempts to save her. Livery Brian is currently painted in British Railways lined green with the late crest. Below After setting back onto its train, No departed for Healey Mills.

After a tearful goodbye to Rose, Brian departed Weymouth, but a mix up in the shunting movements resulted in him accidentally being sent to Barry Island instead of Ashford works. The train would stop at Ipswich, then would reverse at Norwich, where the Britannia would come off the train, and a lighter locomotive would continue to Cromer and Sheringham.

Dark's attempts to save

Also the flexible hoses were formed of nylon-reinforced rubber section protected by coiled wire. This knowledge was applied to all engines yet to be completed, and those others built with the low dome, nos. This is because the list of modifications diminished as they were put into the building programme and only half of these changes were required on later batches. Prior to this, he was painted in British Railways lined black with the late crest. These engines were the only steam locomotives to receive Rail Blue livery.

The management decided not to repair Brian, and he was left in the shed at Weymouth with Rose keeping him company until Mr. Below Rising Phoenix-like from the ashes, restoration of is underway at Bridgenorth on the Severn Valley Railway.

The fitter in attendance found that a piston had broken, but what had caused such a catastrophic defect had yet to be surmised. Steam on industrial lines remained until the s. Also of note, the large white discs were always used in daylight hours on the Great Eastern section.

Below This superb study at Stratford shed is a wonder in itself, a wonder that Norman Preedy was able to capture this image without any other locomotive obstructing his view. Harwich Parkeston Quay Station was opened in and the Main buildings were a hotel. Former main line locomotives, along with various smaller industrial shunters, form the backbone of steam motive power for heritage railways.

This situation continued until when the line was privatised, and steam continued. Persona Brian is slightly more intelligent than most other engines he meets, though he is still able to get along well with others and can be called upon when needed by his friends.