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Bread is not kept on the shelf for longer than a couple of days. Most bread eaten in the West is leavened.

This produces a more flavorful bread with better texture. Flour provides the primary structure, starch and protein to the final baked bread. It also allows the baker to use only a minimal amount of baker's yeast, which was scarce and expensive when it first became available.

Measurement by weight is more accurate and consistent than measurement by volume, particularly for dry ingredients. Steam leavening happens regardless of the raising agents baking soda, yeast, baking powder, sour dough, beaten egg white included in the mix. Flour Flour is grain ground to a powdery consistency.

Sources Parham, Betty and Gerrie Ferris. The proportion of water to flour is the most important measurement in a bread recipe, as it affects texture and crumb the most. But the pain Ancienne baguettes did taste terrific. Leavening is the process of adding gas to a dough before or during baking to produce a lighter, more easily chewed bread.

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Recently there has been a revival of sourdough bread in artisan bakeries. And I'll check the library. The resulting networks of strands produced by these two proteins are known as gluten.