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The price is quite arranged. Then when they reach sexual maturity the male will get aggressive toward the female because he's sexually frustrated. Shipping and shipping conditions vary upon location and seasons. Verify if you are allowed to own a baby monkey. The marmoset monkey should be hand raised, taught how to socialize, and dewormed.

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They are like people not all of them get along. As for caging the bigger, the better, they need room to jump, swing and climb or they can get weak muscles also known as cage paralysis. They are also not a pet for a teenager, they require too much care, they can't just be locked in a cage when the novelty wears off.

They are very intelligent and form a strong bond with their human. We decided to try something new with our husband in sexual life. If a human is constantly hurting them, they will bite worse and grow to hate their tormentor. They're very jealous and don't want to compete for attention. That is irresponsible to say the least.

With its beautiful coloring, miniature stature, and intelligence, marmoset monkeys truly make a wonderful addition to the family. It's not a good idea to let your small monkey sleep with you, they get in odd spots looking for heat and could be seriously injured or killed. Many breeders are more than happy to haggle.

The chances of that happening are slim to none, they will consider themselves siblings and will not breed. They also need a humidifier, their natural habitat is an extremely humid environment. Trust me when I tell you I will do my due diligence confirming you do not live in a banned location. Do not keep your marmoset in isolation. In order to keep them comfortable keep a humidifier running.

That's because they are reacting to the negative behavior. All too often they are used as stepping stones to bigger monkeys, they deserve so much more. If they are properly cared for they can be a long term companion. All of our baby Marmoset monkeys for sale are raised in Florida, so you can call us to schedule a time to pick up your new pet monkey if you are from the area. This is very simple, and you can prepare food in advance.

We can ignore the negative behavior and or attempt to figure out what is bothering them. So if you really want a bigger monkey, don't bother even getting a small one.

Besides adopting the marmoset monkey, you also need to consider the costs of taking care of your new pet. Females that are not spayed can become extremely aggressive during their estrus cycle. If any other problems exist, such as diabetes, the costs can skyrocket.

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