It's normal what you are feeling

Can't stop thinking about a girl im dating

So this girl is at the very least a much better roommate than my ex. The universe may be as great as they say.

Since you're still living in the same apartment, it might also be good to consider moving. It almost never makes sense, and it makes us do really weird things, like miss people who were horrible to us. And none want to hurt those they love. That's not going to stop you from having some good memories though. In my opinion its better to sort things out sooner than lead her on under false pretences.

But it wouldn't be missed if it didn't exist. What it comes down to is that love is a complicated feeling. We started talking and it's quickly escalated since she is very attracted to me too. You were with her a long time and now she is just gone. Justabitstuck At least you acknowledge that what you're doing is wrong.

It's like something's missing. You know what's best for you, so you also know that your current girlfriend is much better for you than your ex.

And it will take time to get over that. It's possible, even, that you jumped into this new relationship too quickly - though since things seem to be working out alright for you two, I won't suggest changing anything about it now. Just try to imagine how you'd feel if the shoe was on the other foot and your current girlfriend did the same to you. As far as moving, well, I agree it might help, but my lease doesn't end until late Fall and I won't be able to break it without incurring a lot of penalty fees that I'd rather not have to pay.

So this girl

So with the give-or-take, what you're feeling isn't wholly unreasonable. See i have a lot of guy friends but they are just that friends. She was just more difficult to be with and sometimes made me unhappy. You can't just forget about three years of your life. You'll eventually stop thinking about her, just focus on what you have right now.

The universe may