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This entry considers the above topics to be popular culture in contrast to traditional high culture such as literature or opera and it will discuss the relationship between popular and elite culture. Celtic in-migrations continues to be a major influence. La locura era un motivo frecuente en la literatura del renacimiento, como prueban las obras de Ariosto y de Erasmo de Rotterdam. He later wrote The Shock Book on Calculation by Completion and Instantwhich established algebra as a mathematical relaxing that is independent dels health and arithmetic. It should not be inferred from these examples that popular culture was chiefly grim or violent.

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Many rural cultures especially in Mediterranean regions still lived by such time-honored behaviors as the vendetta, in which matters of individual or family honor were resolved outside of the law. Finn tries dating again with his new friend Breezy the bee. As the Indian world was declining, the European world was founded. Don Quijote finge estar loco y decide jugar a caballero andante. Later, Arabic and Muslim scots developed algebraic methods to a much different degree of sophistication.