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Charatan pipe dating advice

They can be distinguished from a pipe of the first era mainly because their larger size. Over the Christmas holiday she brought them by for me to work on, restore and then sell for her. The Charatan factory was known for inconsistencies, especially in stampings. The brand name has been overtaken by Dunhill in and sold in to James B. You can see the tooth marks on both the top and underside of the stem just in front of the button.

If your Dad was rarely without a pipe I can certainly tell which pipes were his favourites. From the stamping on the stem where the C enters the P to the missing L which places it as pre to the lack of a double comfort bit all help to place this pipe in this time period. While if a pipe has a normal saddle bit stem, it could belong to every era.

The stem had tooth chatter and some bite marks on the top and the underside of the stem just ahead of the button. With the stem polished I put it back on the pipe and lightly buffed the bowl with Blue Diamond. Charatan experts and enthusiasts indicate that this article contains miss-information as to the dating of Charatan pipes.

There is an alphabetical listing of the lines but unfortunately they did not list the Distinction. It was pretty clean so it did not take much as the interior was clean.

When I finished with those I gave it a final rub down with the oil and set it aside to dry. On the back of the bowl there was damage on the inner edge of the bowl and it looked like it might be slightly out of round. He was a huge fan of Dunhill and his favourite smoke was St. The rough bowled pipes were for daytime and especially if he was fixing something.

This led me

This led me to ask the elders in my family, questions on the subject and came to know the above details. Paresh recently learned that his Grandfather smoked a pipe. Moreover I noticed that Charatan has never been a producer similar to other British factories. The stems were all covered with deep tooth marks and chatter and were oxidized and dirty. Other were commissioned to outside factories.

It was a line of pipes made from to approx. He returned back to India after a year, in and with him came some pipes that he had purchased in England.

The brand was founded in by Frederik Charatan. Lane, striving to expand his business in Great Britain, made contacts with the Charatan family. He eventually left the company in I believe after the disappointing Dunhill acquisition and then moved to Upshall, or more correctly, to the Tilshead Pipe Co. It was while meandering through this confusing quagmire of pipe world that I came across rebornpipes.

Paresh recently learned that

Russell who moves the production from England to France. Immediately thereafter, I rejoined my duty station.

Charatans are made in the French factory in St. Whatever he was doing though, his pipe was always close by.