Chit Chat City had a good run

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Thousands of kinky members are in the mood for fetish sex play. Mods are working on setting up a farewell party, which I will be sure to attend to. Date with confidence - our wealth verification system helps you find the right man. The game has never been too stable, but I believe new stuff would always be more interesting than a static never-changing game.

In the past years, there has been multiple sad events that made me distance myself from the game more and more. Well most people were, but some wanted attention, constantly pushed the boundaries or needed to release real-world pressure into something.

Well most people

Chit Chat City had a good run. This single-developer game turned into a much more complex system.

Save time searching for beautiful, sophisticated women who appreciate a man of substance. It was more than a challenge. Then came the moderation system.

In the past