El proceso fue intenso y agotador

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Thus we can affirm that the artist and her work have a sanguine temperament. Palms of all colors, shapes and sizes just gazed at me as I passed by. When we take a step forward or backward, or act in one way or another we are influencing the moment. En otro canvas, se desdibujan unas siluetas que ante el ojo curioso pudieran figurar unas mujeres desnudas, plasmadas ante sutiles ondulaciones de colores primaverales. The artist must master the technique and not the reverse.

Hence it is essential to start out from what is apparent to insert oneself into the dynamic which works if it goes beyond the mirage. Leafs are not made to be used as paper. Color, as an element that helps make the magic more potent.

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But there is art regardless of the modality that exists or may be in vogue. The legs, muscular and strong, are, at the same time, a metaphor of the sacrifice of classic dance.

The beautiful, the sublime, the dazzling, the revolutionary, the work is, are what is difficult. We are all positioned in the moment, in the clear sum of subtle or not so subtle moments, that which is immersed in the prolegomenon of the solution. The vase, in which the flowers rest, run through a gamut of colors which range from white to black, enlivened, as well by a sinuous blue line, like a coda describing the roundness of the form. These plants became my work source for the rest of the month.

Forests continue to fascinate

The work is reduced to a pretext, an excuse to unleash any of these aspects, which in consideration of what they constitute, become paramount. Esta residencia es lo que todo artista aspira a experimentar en su carrera.

So it is not necessary for me to understand all the profoundly disappointing political structures man has constructed to barricade its shame. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. The brilliance of the colors, the contrasts of yellow and red, intense blue and green, and the projections of areas of color are simply extraordinary. It is a game of acceptance, the one that you have to play in your mind to stay cool.

Forests continue to fascinate modern man just as they did medieval man. It is no minor detail that the works refer to this geography of trees. The beautiful ballet slippers, in point, are worked in a colorful mosaic, resting on what appears to be a cloud of smoke. Color, a contrast of tones and shades, overlays, chromatic searches where the fire burns in all its splendor.

Al fin de cuentas, el modo de construir algo es importante en cuanto a lo que construye. Somehow, when you move from your original place, it becomes almost impossible to feel like home is home.