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Exemplified in his good ending when despite the problems in his marriage he sticks with his family. In order to ensure you have enough time to boost your stats to the necessary threshold, opt for the long gameplay option. He's recently divorced, and has shared custody of his three daughters, twins Briar and Hazel, and a baby called River.

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He manages to perfectly prepare steaks, roasted potatoes and a salad while out camping. In Brian's route, he becomes obsessed to take Brian down because he believes he is trying to one up him. You achieve it by your third date, not that this is the first time. The fish somehow survives the trip home.

Underneath the smiling, personable youth pastor image, he deals with a terrible family life. Before he was a YouTube star, however, he was a talented animator who created several animations for Newgrounds. Craig runs himself ragged raising Briar, Hazel, and River, being the coach of a softball team, and maintaining his fitness regimen, but he proudly explains that his girls are his top priority. When you are inviting Damien to the second date, you can use big, fancy words and short, cheesy slang words at the same time.

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Subverted, he's quite nice. Erika Ishii has appeared in a variety of shorts while also guest starring on a few different television programs gears towards the gaming community. Lucien might be a handful, but Damien loves and supports him regardless. Barry Kramer Brian is a very outgoing and competitive man who enjoys fishing and grilling.

Is very close to his son, Lucien. Tall and hairy Big Beautiful Man whom you can romance. It's frankly a miracle he's still alive. Exiled to the yacht, in his case.

By finishing his route, an image of him playing guitar in the Open Mic night while shirtless will be added to the gallery. He's not very good at being the bad cop though. Mary even lampshades it, saying that Joseph is good at pretending to be happy.