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Dating 2 years and no commitment

The fact that she stayed

And really be ready to walk away. So I agree with Belle, he did string her along. He is ready not just with a relationship with you. If you can be easygoing enough and strong to do it, that is wonderful. If not, then stay and run the risk of him meeting someone else as his options are wide open and cutting ties with you.

It has progressed into spending more and more time together. The fact that she stayed and nothing materialized, which is exactly what he warned her about, it not his fault. Sometimes the truth hurts, and coming from people who see outside of knowing us and just seeing the situation, it says a lot. Until the last no marriage, and approach to have been together. They really have no place to go if I want to spend more time with someone.

It has progressed into

Of intent to meet other than columns on the years hopefully the past. But after this long I have to stop thinking about his feelings and think about mine. Copyright - All Rights Reserved. This was my first time dating and I thought I was being patient and loving, but it looks like I was just being used.

The ball is in your court to make the choice of remaining as is and see what eventually results or explain to him how you feel. So that puts in my head he is feeling something for me.