Repetition is not his forte

Dating a gemini men

Since the Gemini Man is prone to extremes, they can become flighty in thought, and it is, therefore, best if they avoid caffeinated beverages. He loves a lot of airy spaciousness to give him plenty of room to relax and breathe. The number five corresponds with experience, decisions, and choice. Anytime you want someone to socialize that Gemini Guy is happy to be there. Roller Coaster Living Truly dating a Gemini can be a bit like riding a roller coaster with many ups and downs.

If he develops feelings, he will surprise his partner with different places, presents and all sorts of creative spices to their dating life. Many cultures have twins represented in myth. All in all these guys have flaws just like anyone but they also have some amazing qualities that will knock your socks off. He is all those things in one person and all in one day, every day. This may lead to financial issues if he is working a job that fills his passion but not his pockets leading to more income going out than coming in all together.

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Dating Gemini men There is no way of knowing where he will want to take you out. That is, if he even shows up on time. Dating a Gemini Man Deep, philosophical conversations.

So be very careful and be sure to let him do his own thing when he wants while you do your own thing. This man literally has two different faces and this could make him seem very different each time you see him. He is the messenger of the gods and the deity ruling over communications of all kinds. Talk to others, offering stories of adventure or intrigue, and he will eventually make his way to you.