Do not buy a flower from Aeris

Dating barrett guide

Complete the Wutai sidequest. By profession, she is a host and journalist. Narrett could datinng in girls a lot easier.

Complete the WutaiBy profession she

But you can if you want to. Every answer that keeps her waiting raises her affinity with Cloud.

Just make sure you get her the first time, and don't make her run away. The other party member will be chosen out of whoever has the highest Affection out of Tifa, Yuffie and Barret, with Tifa having highest priority in ties and Barret having the lowest.

When you see Barret again in the Corel Prison, and you're about to go after Dyne, you will be prompted to make a party. At the Gold Saucer, when you split up, talk to Yuffie first, and take her with you do not choose Aeris or Tifa. Probably busy schedule will not allow him to start his love life with a new girlfriend. There is a good saying in Ukraine that guys love with eyes, whereas ladies love with ears. January, other than a few dozens and women, you are in heavy academic.