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The same reflects in music and food at most venues. Today, the Polo Club of Baroda is one of the elite clubs of India, dating back to the imperial times of the Raj and has many nostalgic memories under its fold.

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Ram-Leela and singer-lyricist Priya Saraiya. All rulers encouraged a healthy communion of all gentry of the kingdom from all walks of life. Surat Perhaps it is due to proximity to Mumbai, but the diamond and textile capital of Gujarat attracts a lot of Bollywood names as performers or as celeb appearances.

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The princely state of Baroda enjoyed special status within the British Empire and was way ahead of all other native rulers in eschewing and endorsing very high living standards for all its subjects. Both locals and recurring visitors swear by their brand of celebrations, and watching thousands of men and women dance together to the music in concentric circles is as magical as it gets. Hence, no new club was allowed to come up in the kingdom.

The use of traditional instruments like dholak, kansi-joda, conch and temple bells add to ambience. Eva, reading, cinema and music. Monday to Sunday at arranged hours. Said to be among the early community garbas, this one is ethnic to the core and a must for hardcore fans.

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