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Not assuming you already know what he means. Whatever it is that your guy is into, get into it with him.

They empathize with others They can relate with the emotions and feelings of others who are being hurt or facing down times. Just agree on something ahead of time, something that makes sense to both of you, something neutral. We are not so very different, after all.

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If your guy is not actively trying to better himself, express his creativity, and explore and develop his inner potential, do everything you can to encourage him to do so. The skills outlined above will go a long way toward sustaining and strengthening any relationship, and keeping the love the alive.

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Does this list put the idea of an emotional man in a more positive light, rather than just the banal idea of being emotional, crying, overreacting, brainiac vs darkseid yahoo dating and loud? Being highly emotional is not a weakness but a strength. They will always take a chance on love Emotional people are not afraid of giving a chance to love. Do you consider how emotional someone is when looking for someone to date?

Our nervous system is hardwired to notice and process more information and sensory input, all the time. But many people seem to forget that one half of communication consists of actually listening to what the other person says. Who needs the hassle, right? By the time we are adults, those strategies are internalized, and largely unconscious. You deserve to have the relationship you really want, and he deserves to be loved for who he is.

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And he will go above and beyond in order to make you happy and comfortable. Even more importantly, show him. Even when they have been hurt and betrayed they will give love another chance. They are vivid They are honest about their feelings. That can be annoying, I know.

This is a subtle and underrated art. Often, our partner and lover sees a side of us that no one else in the whole world sees. Sometimes we need just to be close to one another, other times we need room to breathe, and work through our own stuff.

Not only making the world a wonderful place, they offer the true definition of love and passion. They want to find meaning and totality in the things they pursue. This is because they are self-aware and completely in tune with their emotions. Men need to be loved and admired, complimented and validated just as much as women do.

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Be honest, with him and with yourself. Even when things are not clear to them, they would endeavor to go on that journey to finding and discovering who they are. Average is not good enough for them. So tell him how much you love him and appreciate him, and tell him often.

Sometimes the timing is all wrong. They believe all relationships can be full of possibilities and things could become better. But really listening, and being present to your partner.

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If you are accepted into their world you should know that they would want a relationship that is substantive with you, something that they can cherish and has some meaning to them. But in a world where everyone is always stressed and in a hurry, it needs to be spelled out sometimes. Guys worry about everything from what kind of car we drive, to our penis size.

The male ego is a fragile thing. Not planning your response, waiting for your turn to speak. They want to be connected to the people in their lives They are in touch with their feelings and thus they are conscious of the people that they try to let into their world. And, you guessed it, sensitive men even more so.

Sensitive men are especially prone to this, and can be easily overwhelmed by intense feelings of shame or inadequacy when these soft spots are triggered. Contrary to popular belief, men have feelings.

It enables him to tell you how he feels, at the moment when it is most difficult for him to do so. Talk with him about it, encourage and support him. So expect passionate expressions from them. There has to be give and take on both sides.

This can mean some creativity on their part when they show you how much they care for you. As result of this kind treatment, many of us learn to suppress our sensitivity, to try and act the part of the silent, stoic, macho man the world pressures us to be.

It will make a world of difference for him, and for your relationship. Listen From The Heart Everyone knows that communication is important to a successful relationship, right?

Being able to sense and feel where your partner is at on that spectrum is one of the most valuable relationship skills there is. This will cause them to want to lend their support, well wishes and sympathies as far as it can make the other person feel better.