So, Lisa began dating other men

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Dating - David's wife Lisa is codependant and tries to keep David from going on an important business trip. What I was watching was making me both angry and aroused at the same time. He walked around to the drivers side and got in. So, Lisa began dating other men.

Then one evening Lisa called me and said that she was going on a date with another man. Not often, once or twice a month but I still didn't like it. She said that what she did on her dates was none of my business. The guy who got out of the car looked to be about forty years old, five feet seven inches tall, maybe pounds.

This allowed me to sneak up close to the house after Lisa and her date went in. First, I wasn't going to rush into anything with Lisa. Before he could get to the door Lisa came out and met him halfway to the car.

Things seemed to be going fine. When they pulled away from the curb I followed them. The guy had his hands on Lisa's ass and was pulling the back of her skirt up to expose her the black satin panties that covered Lisa's sexual playground.

At eight o'clock a

Lisa's date opened the door for her and she got in. When I got to a window where I could see in, Lisa and her date were standing in the living room kissing. The house was out of town in a subdivision where the houses are on large wooded lots. Lisa kissed him then they walked to the car.

The divorce became final and we both decided that was okay. At eight o'clock a car pulled up in front of Lisa's apartment. While David is away trouble starts. At least she didn't seem to date the same guy more than once or twice. As soon as they were inside I went to pizza parlor next door to the Mexican restaurant and got a small pizza and two Cokes to go.

The divorce became