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Dating metered mail

Postage stamps are also object of a particular form of collecting. The volume of paper mail sent through the U.

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They are used by companies with large mail programs, such as banks and direct mail companies. Similar systems are being considered by postal administrations around the world. The Supreme Court affirmed the dismissal. New credit cards and their corresponding personal identification numbers are sent to their owners through the mail. In active fighting, censorship may be especially strict to hide tactical secrets, prevent low morale from bad news, etc.

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That's true even when the appellants are Hollywood stars, like yesterday's opinion involving Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson the stars and a Sun Valley construction company not a star. Stamp collecting has been a very popular hobby. The system was administered by the Ministry of War and private correspondence was forbidden from the network. Such a stamp is known generically as a postal indicium, or postal indicia in the plural.

To backdate a postal meter requires forcible and criminal entry. This is useful for legal documents where proof of delivery is required.