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Her cofounder Emma Tessler on the other hand was new to entrepreneurship but loved matchmaking. And after a few minutes of casual conversation he got right to the point. It was sort of pivotal for her, actually. Emma hesitated at first, but eventually she did. Investors behave with something of a herd mentality and so coming out of Y Combinator that can act in your favor.

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And so the next day I sat down and wrote the investor an email. And I was like I don't know maybe it's not a big deal. They still weren't growing. Cbc to the stars jamie foxx were among den s the smart and hotels and director at the paris-based.

But I was like you're right about that confidence. Investors like people everywhere can smell desperation. But even Emma wasn't immune to the complicated emotional responses to being a woman in Silicon Valley. This is Danielle Morill, the co-founder of Mattermark, a company that provides information about startups for investors. They were burning through money.

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And he's pretty emblematic of a classic off-the-wave pitch meeting. They had spent months preparing their pitch and now they were in this room schmoozing with some of the most powerful investors in Silicon Valley. My co-founders immediately assured me that wasn't the case and though we could not take the money. You know they were mostly they were mostly really good. For Lauren it was hard not to wonder why.

Umm from I guess an angel smaller investment standpoint. Startup devotes each season to chronicling the ups and downs of a single fledgling company. Pitching after all is all about confidence. Crafted in the story this is a big decision. Just keep assuming you're going to get an offer.

And she was one of a bunch of women founders and executives at this conference offering tips and support and encouragement for the audience. And Lauren explains that there's a person she's planning to bring on board, a friend of hers from college. Take for example this exchange between Emma and Lauren and the investor Somak Chattopadhyay. This is the third episode from that season, which I co-hosted with Alex Blumberg. But then after everything flipped there were no checks just lots of hard questions and often Lauren couldn't even get to a meeting.