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Much of the development of resource-based economic activity in the province has been concerned with linking these separate regions together into a broader provincial economy. In this period of worldwide European colonialism, there was no concern among European governments and businessmen that this area was already occupied by Aboriginal peoples. In the s American settlers began to move into the southern part of this region, and refused to recognize the authority of the British company. The coastal people concentrated along the lower reaches of the major salmon rivers. The only major farming populations live in the Okanagan Valley and dispersed along the highway between Kamloops and Prince George.

The offshore Insular Mountains are the partially submerged northern continuation of the Olympic Mountains and Coast Ranges of Washington state. The Interior Plateau, made up of broad and gently rolling uplands, covers central British Columbia.

The coniferous trees of coastal British Columbia are the tallest and broadest trees in Canada. Casting in the adult entertainment field is another big attraction for job seekers in the city where tolerance of the adult industry has earned it the alternate title of Sin City. British Columbia is a land of diversity and contrast within small areas. The results of continental and alpine glaciation can be seen everywhere in the province in fjords and cirques i. Throughout the s the interior produced about half of the value of provincial forest products.

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However, the Okanagan Valley receives a mere mm of annual precipitation. Other metal mines across the Interior Plateau from near Williams Lake to Babine Lake in the northwest have produced intermittently. In Douglas established a legislative assembly for Vancouver Island. In the dry southern interior, agriculture flourishes only where irrigation systems have been established. Those groups living in the Subarctic region of the interior generally fished and hunted moose and caribou, while those living in the southern interior had a milder climate.

John in the Peace River Lowland. All of British Columbia was under a thick sheet of ice during the ice age.

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