Dating someone in law enforcement, 5 reasons you shouldn t date a cop

Like I said before, if the average police officer made K a year I know they do not, but let's assume they do for arguments sake then you'd see a lot more women take a chance on dating them. About Dating a Military Man. Honestly, I don't see alot of the negative things that have been mentioned about dating law enforcement. Ask yourself why it is that you want to seek someone out in this field in the first place.

Doesn't take rocket science to figure out what personality types are attracted to law enforcement. The problem with being a cop is that you are making your pay off the backs of others, without their consent. Police are also most likely to stray outside of a marriage. Our leaders are supposed to show us how to behave, it is no wonder we have lost our values. My wife works with many women who were married to cops and now divorced.

My marriages tooks hits from my schedule and the resulting turmoil with dealing with some issues that we had to confront. They are also Human, just like all of you. Everytime the man leaves the house, much more so than the general population, there is a decent chance he will not come home. There are a lot of professions that are high stress or for other reasons it puts pressure on a marriage. It's always amusing when people try to pretend that it just doesn't boil down to money almost every single time.

Personally I'm type B, introvert. It's a classic case of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Just ask any woman who has been there and you'll get ears full. Being apart, frequent transfers for one partner's career while the other merely keeps finding a job wherever they go, destina matchmaking ungodly hours like some physicians keep. There is a much larger basis for access to counseling becoming available thru depts and police unions recognizing this issue.

CowTrucker Chapman, Kansas. We all don't act like that. The hard part is being completely honest with yourself in determining if you are of the right stock to pursue, capture and happily keep your cop in a relationship. Their day includes a car chase, bringing down the bad guys and then coming home to an equally exciting and passionate night with the one who waits at home.

  1. Doctors can, in some cases, make just as lousy husbands based on the job demands and circumstances, but you don't hear too many people complain about that profession do you?
  2. As for the issue of control, sometimes it is the only stable place that some feel they have any input or can come into that won't crash down around them in an instant.
  3. Our department is a mix of type A and type B I'd say.
  4. Because doctors are generally well regarded, it's something people can brag about to others and the profession can be very well paid, much more so than the average police officer.

Domestic violence, I have no idea, though I've never heard of anyone I've come into contact with in my career be accused. It's not that complicated. She advocates for battered women, only to find that no one will do a damn thing about it. Police also have the highest rate of domestic violence with the worst treatment for victims cops don't like to see other cops get arrested, loose their jobs etc.

Some do get a divorce from their spouse, Not all. Live your life for yourself! Don't think negatively about us all, it's all about the individual. Meet Singles in your Area!

Learn about his job, the stresses, the demands, the unit he's with, his friends, etc. It's just like the regular working world, some people take their banking, medical, i. You have to look at the person individually, and not make a sweeping generalization about all officers. Like I typed above, look at the person you were with.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn t Date A Cop

My X is a railroad engineer and I suspect that the divorce rate is probably close to that of police officers. My only rule when I'm off is, best dating places in dallas I don't want to see or hear about anything drug related. These goons pretty much beat the shoplifter senseless and then gloated over their handiwork. Most of the lifestyles people live are pathetic. How to Find a Military Man.

1. They re nosey

Just as it takes a special and strong kind of person to be in law enforcement, it takes a certain someone to handle the pressures of being in a relationship with a man or woman who wears a badge. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if police officers have poor relationships. When I'm hanging out with folks, I'm just like everyone else there. Anyway, every single one of them was trying to get into the police force.

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We teach them to be killers but not how to assimilate back to civilian society. It will never change, Police Officers Lie, Cheat, Steal, and anything else that can be blamed on them. Evaluate your patience and strength of character in the face of adversity. That would be the only time I'd say something while at a party or something.

5 Reasons You Shouldn t Date A Cop

That sounds mean spirited, and it is hard to hear emotions in typing, so I wil say this, I care about those people. On the personality note, I'm not sure where the type A, confident, stuff comes from. Though police officers are heroes, they are human too and the last thing that you can be in a relationship with them is too needy or clingy.

Look at Drew Peterson, former Sargeant. Some Cops are bad, we know that and it looks bad for all Law enforcement officers. It's no different than dating anyone else, except for maybe the schedule. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid. Dating a cop is its own adventure.

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The shift were rotating and routine just doesn't exist. Don't let stereotypes and under-educated people jade your opinion and judgment. All Inclusive Romantic Vacations. We were always held to a high standard in the public eye.

Dating in Law Enforcement

There will be many times when your basic needs will be put on the back burner when dating a cop and you will have to live without what most consider standard relationship etiquette. Heck, when I'm off, I forget I'm a cop, even if my freinds and neighbors keep it in the front of their minds, I don't even think about it. They are generally people of poor character.

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How to Understand Scorpio Men. If there is a bad apple in the basket that is the one who gets the publicity that makes everyone look bad. Knowing what to expect helps you better prepare to love your cop. Plans could be canceled, dangers of dating a evenings in could be spent with your lover thinking about cases and many nights will be spent worrying about his or her safe return from the job. Many cops are abusive control freaks.

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Is this true about marrying someone in law enforcement? One day I was forced to call mall security because I could see someone shoplifting from my one-hour lab. If you go look around you'll find tons of research on being married to anyone in law enforcement kinda odd term considering the above isnt it? Realize that not everyone is cut out to be in law enforcement and not everyone is cut out to be in a relationship with those that have chosen the career. They need an equally strong partner to support them.

2. They re overprotective
  • If the average police officer made K a year, would you be hearing the same complaints?
  • Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.
  • The guys were all decent and took good care of their families.
  • If you are interested in a cop, then get to know him better.
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How to Lower Expectations. Check your level of independence. Recognize the difference between the movies and real life. Yes, vegan dating nyc there is a high divorce rate amongst police officers.

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