We'll go straight to your car

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Abortion and pregnancy are far from the only issues we face, especially as women. She'll have to eventually figure out that you're her only way out of this situation.

That first day we stopped at Walden Pond, then drove up to Brattleboro, Vermont. There was a red light before me so I had to stop. As for Willa, she became increasingly agitated. It was a stupid thing for me to say in the first place. Therefore, let me stand on my soapbox for a minute and talk about a few issues related to pregnancy in our world that have me worried.

There was no way I was

Up and down the road we drove, but the park entrance simply eluded us. Even though you tried to ruin our day, I think we should still go for a hike.

We were the only car there. There was no way I was leaving her up there.

We were the only car