It's okay to take it slow

Dating to the next level

All information is confidentialIf your partner is not ready

Stay neutral and treat him just like you would a friend. If and when you both feel ready to get physically closer, I strongly suggest getting sexual in stages instead of all-or-nothing. Check out these tips for learning how to take your relationship to the next level so that it flourishes and grows in healthy way. They want sex to be a mutual decision, not Tarzan-gets-Jane.

All information is confidential. If your partner is not ready, ask that he talk about his feelings and try to be patient with him. With all of these, notice whether he reciprocates or draws away. No matter what it is that takes your relationship to the next step, keeping your partner in the know is the best way to successfully transition ahead in the relationship more smoothly. Communicate your fears and worries to your partner and allow him the same respect.

He may need more time, assurance, or reason to move ahead in the relationship. You may find that your partner is just not ready yet and you'll either have to be patient or decide if the relationship is really worth your time. The fact that he invited you to his home and you spent your time together watching television indicates that conversation beyond casual chatting is difficult for him, too. Specifically, take intercourse off the table for a time. It was a convenient relationship that lasted several years, but the sex became less and less satisfying and other things were problematic, so I finally ended it.

Like you, he may have had relationships in the past that make him skittish about taking this further. For that, Evan provides continued coaching. It shows he has a sense of humor.

This keeps the relationship healthy and actually promotes the growth of the relationship. To send your questions directly to Joan, email sexpert seniorplanet.

Be sure both partners want the same thing before pushing the issue of going to the next level. Just concentrate on exploring each other and discovering how you can give and receive sexual enjoyment. Hold eye contact longer than necessary. It's important that you both want the same things before diving into a situation that could cause harm to the relationship. Getting serious in a relationship can be both exciting and scary as you contemplate how your relationship will change and grow.

When moving ahead in a relationship, it's important to talk about things that worry you both. Speaking them aloud will help you both to feel better about the relationship and closer to each other.

Financial advisor Tom Pandolfo took that route in his quest for love. That ended badly, but a couple of years later I started dating a friend. Allow your partner a say when taking the relationship to the next level. Telling your partner any doubts you have is important so that you aren't left feeling resentment for him. It might help to know my background.