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Whenever Hiroomi tries to help Jun progress with Yachiyo, Jun unrelentingly hits him with a pan, showing that he is sensitive about his feelings for Yachiyo. He didn't even kiss said woman. Ritchie says she's like this with every girl Kalak has contact with.

Eleanor from Eleanor And Park is this for her boyfriend Park, turning on the Greeneyed Monster when Park brings up the fact that he used to go out with Tina. Rebekah in regards to Stefan as well, almost to Yandere levels, although no where near as extreme as Katherine. His biggest weakness appears to be crying girls.

It seems that Silas and his doppelgangers like Stefan are strongly appealing to women in general and attract them to the point where they become obsessive. Rose in Two and a Half Men is this to Charlie.

Stacy, Wayne's psycho ex in Wayne's World. Later in the series, she helps out once in a while and appears to work without pay. At one point, Simone chops off her plaits in an attempt to get Joey to pay attention to her after Joey makes a remark about girls with short hair. Ironically, she was named after the poplar tree, so that she would grow tall.

She is a hard worker, but she sometimes makes clumsy mistakes in her job. However, she was more subtle about it and when she meets the Doctor's new companion Donna, despite the Doctor's expectations, they get on really well.

She wants him to be happy, wants him to have a girlfriend and eventual wife, but will be just as much a Clingy Jealous Girl if she thinks somebody might take Ted away from her as a friend. She doesn't go too far, though fangirls like to think she would. She generally possesses a kind personality and likes anything pertaining to teenage activities, but becomes agitated when her mother or her duties get in her way of her enjoyment.

She did not react well when she discovered that Stefan was in love with Elena and she openly admitted that she hates Elena because she is super envious of Stefan's love for her. She writes romance novels for a living. Valerie also qualifies towards Stefan. Bill Hickock, a close friend of Calamity, understands what it will do to her if she succeeds in scaring Katie off and tries to help her gain some Character Development in that department. Unfortunately, being kind and sweet, she is easily trusting of others and, as a result, can be quite naive.

She later displays the same attitude towards Charlie, Joey's new girlfriend, after Rachel fall for him. Due to her job, she is the only person who can withstand Kazue's physical attacks. Carly displays this in the hallway scene of the extended version of iSaved Your Life. He keeps a very close watch on her so that she will not get lost again. Talk about a serious case of Woman Scorned.

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However, a fight erupted betweeen the two friends when Misty wouldn't do anything unless the citizens paid her, and let the town get destroyed by a monster without feeling any remorse. If Kyousuke, the victim of her entirely one-sided affection, so much as speaks another girl's name in front of her, she starts threatening to murder said girl.