Eric is married to Sarah Wright

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Olsen, who also had a career in the entertainment industry. Daniela earned a Bachelor of Arts, graduating with a First class honors in performing arts from London Metropolitan University after which she returned to Portugal where she continued acting. Unfortunately, it looks like Daniela also had a miscarriage in October after nine weeks of pregnancy.

They dated each other for few months. Ruah has a distinguishable birthmark in her right eye, called the nevus of Ota. They got engaged in early and after that Daniela got pregnant with a boy on her belly. Ultimately, it looks like will be just as busy and profitable. It was quite a terrifying moment for the amazing couple.

It is is a hyperpigmentation which covers the white part of the eye sclera but not the iris. The American stuntman is a multi-talented stunt performer as well as an actor. Till this date, there are no rumors of fight or divorce among this couple.

Daniela used work with David's elder brother Eric Olsen and David was the stunt double for his brother. Daniela and David on their wedding dress. After the birth of their first son, they finally decided to tie the knot.

He is the elder brother of

Nevertheless, that did not in any way affect their commitment to each other or posed as a barrier to their wedding. David is of Norwegian descent and holds American nationality. The brilliant stunt performer is also active on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. All of their relatives and friends were there to bless the bride and groom. Eric is married to Sarah Wright.

He is living a happy married life with his wife Daniela Ruah. He is of Norwegian descent. Her Instagram account boasts of k followers while more than k keeps updated with her on Twitter.

So, they are no rumors about their extra-marital affairs. They tied the knot in an interfaith ceremony in Portugal. Revenge of the Fallen and has also appeared as a guest on the series The Last Ship. The marriage was performed by their fathers.

Revenge of the Fallen to his credit. She played the role of Merida in the Portuguese version of Brave.

She is married to

Daniela is with her father on the left side of the picture. His father is Paul Olsen, a doctor, and his mother is Jeanne D.

He is the elder brother of Eric Christian Olsen. She is married to David Paul Olsen. Daniela suffered from the miscarriage before giving birth to her second baby. They were both raised in Bettendorf, Iowa by their parents Jeanne D. Los Angeles as special agent Kensi Blye.