Hell is simply godlessness

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It is an attribute of Allah

Because everyone, Muslim, Christian, Jew are all in agreeance that only God can forgive sin and restore relationship to humanity it is Scriptural. Because that which is not assumed is not saved. The EliteSingles advice section has great tips on taking your relationship offline and into the real world. All bible verses described herein are facts and you can counter check it with your bible. Hell is simply godlessness.

It is not letter after letter or a word that comes after another word. Therefore, where we have now arrived is at a place where Jesus is proven to be the Great Prophet that was prophesied by Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc. The same way all Muslims should do their best to avoid using the words of a person whether a random follower or a high cleric as the final words over the Gospels for Christians.

It is the very reason why the Prophets of Old had recorded what God had spoken to them. EliteSingles is, without doubt, the place you turn to find lasting love and a compatible match. Once you complete our simple registration process you can start meeting our wealth of great atheist singles. Yes, Allah deceived the deceivers, out planned the planners.

It is simply impossible to alter the words of the New Testament. Adam, You could have easily looked that up before accusing god allah a liar It seems you have placed God at the level of a Human, at the level of his creation.

The Muslim students had done the same. Before you make a statement on the corruptness of the Biblical text, I would like to highlight something that I mentioned in my previous response. The Kalam of Allah has neither silence nor interruptions. For those who defy god and his prophets all of them will be punished, and there is no punishment in this world as sever as that.

Unless, they had fallen from a perfect plan and God consistent with the sacrificial practices of the Great Prophets as recorded in the Torah offers them a blood sacrifice as a plan for redemption. Nevertheless, to know that god deceived the deceivers shows that Allah has deceptive qualities, and that will deter me and millions of others from the Islamic faith i. Mathematically, the likelihood of the Biblical text being authentic for what it says compared to the likelihood of Muhammad getting a scribe to write out some ideas for him is next to none. To be completely honest I do not even see myself higher than you or anyone else for that matter.

It is an attribute of Allah, and it does not resemble the attributes of the creation. Or he was not aware of it, which I would suggest he should try and read more about it. Even in Christianity god will punish those who refuse to claim Jesus as the son of god. Now, in the New Testament we have multiple texts that were written by eyewitnesses of Jesus, and all the events and teachings that occurred therein.

Eebster, you speak like a fool, to that which I am sure you are not. These texts were all available and public documents to cities and villages. It is next to impossible for those prophesies to be fulfilled by any random imposter, but they were in the recorded evidences of Jesus life all prophesies fulfilled by Jesus. There is no reason to do so in this instance.

Or he was not