My work pays to me good money

Delphifaq dating scams in accra

Many scammers claim to be from Germany and just about any other Country as well. You have done nothing that, I am aware of to be considered a scammer.

Well, I shall wait your other letter. Scammers use anything Religion and God Himself if need be. Here's some links You need to see. The daddy and mum now work.

My brother also lives now with the family in a separate apartment. We are lucky enough to meet only a few once a year.

The scammer changes His fake name more often than You do your sock's. There are no white girls at all in Ghana except Embassy Employee's. So get Your head out of Your butt its just a stolen photo Your hooked to. Full details the more the better. It I think very important for us to know about each other as much as possible.

My brother is already married. Later I shall send you of more pictures. What, He did is wrong and if, He is willing to steal e mail addresses that is a clear indication that, He is fully capable of doing much worse.

No one questions, Your actions in this. Go away and quit wasting everyone's time. Do not think just because these are about Nigeria they don't apply to You because Ghana is the very same thing if not worse.

Who gives a shit about Taxi's Except, You conveniently ignored the fact that sweet girl, You say was going to work. That is the act of a criminal which, You admit, Yourself to having done. You were caught in the middle of this and had done nothing wrong. It is a scammer and there is no doubt that at all. You are only playing the fool by coming back and arguing.

You stole my e mail address and many others to contact, Us and ask for money. Go away, Your not wanted here by anyone. He has no business claiming to be a scam buster here as no one here receives anything from anyone for any reason. No one including cagekopia should ever ask a victim of being scammed for money. What, You gave, Him was, Your own personal decision.

No one questions Your actions

We shall soon have meeting and I should prepare the report. The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for your honesty and I shall trust you. To allow, cagekopia to continue, His way of defending, His idea of hooking anyone up with a girl innocent or not.

Go away and quit wasting everyone's

As I said above it doesn't matter one bit what the story or Fake Emergency or anything else they say its just a scam. Thank you and best regards. Belgium is the beautiful country.