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The hearing was held on Capitol Hill in the north wing of the Capitol building. That was a capital speech you made from the Capitol.

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Capital may also refer to money, often that used to produce additional wealth, to the uppermost part of a supporting column, and to an uppercase letter. The word Capitol usually refers to the building in Washington D. Capital refers to a city or town where the official seat of government resides. The word capital, on the other hand, has many meanings. Capitol is said to be a building or a complex of buildings where the state legislature regularly meets.

It is located in Washington on top of Capitol Hill. Our capital concern is that everyone gets fed during the electricity failure. The word capitol has a very specific meaning. For example, Lansing is the capital of Michigan.

The word can refer to a city or town where the official seat of government resides. Capitol refers to the building in which a legislative assembly meets. For example, Detroit is the automotive capital of the world.

The word capital also refers to wealth in the form of property or money, the wealth that is used for investing and creating more wealth and assets. Capitol is also known as the Statehouse.

For example, The Massachusetts state legislature began its session in the Capitol today. Capital is the most important city in an area, region, country, etc. When the word is used in legal terms, it means the death penalty. The Michigan Capitol is in Lansing. The capital of England is London.

So, this weekend I am taking a trip to the capital. But, the definition most relevant to this discussion is capital in the sense of a governmental seat. Capitol is building where legislators meet and have session. Capital has a few different meanings.

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Capital also has other meanings, like foremost, first and excellent. It can also refer to the financial capital where all the business activities take place. Well, that would depend on what you mean. Capitol should be capitalized when you are referring to the specific building in Washington or specific state capitol buildings. This, of course, depends on the subject.