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Do liquidating dividends reduce equity

This presentation most fairly and completely depicts for investors the effects of the previous and current organization of the Company. Jacob brought it up in his guide to investing, and it seems interesting to me.

Anyway, my point is that you should diversify and not focus on just one subset of investing. Your argument has merit, but I see the problem in a different light.

However, the fluctuations would be due solely to the impact of changes in the index on the stated dividends for those periods. These stocks are shares in individual companies all with individual assets, liabilities, cash flows, investments, employees and so on. Because they are run by people. In bear markets option writers do badly, because the option income cushions only some of the blow. If no such market price is available, a forecast of expected cash flows, discounted at a rate commensurate with the risks involved, may be used to aid in estimating the fair value.

It is not my decision for people to use oil, colas, tobacco, fattening foods, etc. In the final analysis, I think we do not differ on the financial merits of dividend investing as such. This is well-documented since the days of Upton Sinclair. And people are, unfortunately, prone to bad decisions.

However the fluctuations

Options are fairly priced. However, I feel I have to throw this out for consideration, and that is the social consciousness factor involved in directly investing in these companies. This article seems to reinforce that position. You can start here to get a primer on socially conscious investing, and you can investigate companies such as Atlantic Financial. These are usually people that have no active investment management strategy whatsoever.

If no active market exists, but one exists for similar assets, the selling prices in that market may be helpful in estimating the fair value. So the value of the stock price should truly be the discounted value of the eventual stream of dividends. Mantra, My reply was to Dan.

These stocks are shares in