Dominican republic dating vacation

Dominican republic dating vacation

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The rainy season, meanwhile, although it has greater rainfall, still keeps days with a bright sun that allows you to enjoy the beach. It limits to the north with the Atlantic Ocean, to the south with the Caribbean Sea, to the east with the Canal de la Mona and to the west with the Republic of Haiti.

Between these months there is less rain and the temperatures are less hot than during the summer months. It can always be a good time to travel to the Dominican Republic, a country whose warm temperatures are maintained throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy the sun and the beach. The rainiest months correspond to May, August, and September. In general terms, there are two seasons, a rainy season between May and November, and a dry season between December and April. Other important ecotourism destinations are found in the mountainous areas of Jarabacoa and Constanza, with beautiful waterfalls and natural caverns.

The rainy season meanwhile

Now, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the weather to the fullest, the best time to travel to the Dominican Republic, corresponds to the dry season, between December and April.