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The new line of swimwear is for those full-figured beauties who are often neglected or left with less-desirable options in the swimsuit market. To a business owner, lower costs means higher profit margins. Draya popped onto the scene in February when she first appeared in. Afterwards, Draya continued her career appearing in advertisements, commercials and magazines.

When I ask about this, she suggests that being well known made it difficult to keep her love affair going strong. But, she really hangs with a light skin crew. Yet, despite her obvious growth, Draya is still shedding the images of her past.

Finally, Draya Michele is known for having many boyfriends. It was what she felt she had to do in order to build the foundation of her swimsuit line Mint Swim. Diddy show got some handsome sons.

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We've got to learn to not let social media control us. More, it is difficult for her to make friends, as Draya has an opinionated stance and sharp tongue.

While appearing in the series she has disclosed her character features as being stubborn, reckless and critical of others. But I was very eager to get away, so I looked at it like, if this is what I've got to do to move to L. That was the minimum for the leading girls but in the s the video budgets were in sharp decline and so was the pay for the models. She tells me that before the show she was just a girl who was happy to have a way out of Pennsylvania, even if it meant sacrificing her image for fame and a few hundred thousand dollars. That way you save money and you get the best deal.

Still, with all her negative character features, she has millions of fans, and in fact appearances in the media have increased the net worth of Draya Michele a lot.

It didn't have to be true, it could just be hurtful and we had two million viewers, it's like, some of those two million are going to believe whatever was said about me. And being a mom means believing, leading by example, and trying to set a blueprint and create a legacy for what you created.

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To add more, Draya Michele further increases her net worth with revenues from her own clothing line named Mint Swimwear. She admits to wasting a lot of money on unnecessary things, but credits her experiences to helping her learn the tricks of the trade, such as shopping around to get the most bang for her buck. Since her ascension from stripper to reality star Draya Michele has rarely spoke about her personal life, besides who she sleeps with, and her son Kniko. Draya is known to be paid even for appearing at a party. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at writeonkiah.

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The swimsuit line has been just as much of a staple in her life as the show that made her famous. Zeta Phi Beta Just wrote that up top. This is real, real women are shaped like this, this is amazing, what you're doing. Draya has even gotten major pay for club appearances.