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All the movie's staff are arrested. Bcz i have already heard this song about thousand times. Deol plays the antagonist. Six months later he proposes to her, and she accepts.

It is revealed that Karan was in need of money, and therefore he decided to make a film on Sophia's life, so he hired Vicky to enter her life and make her fall in love with him. But things take a turn for the worse. Sophia received Karan's wealth and property, and lives a rich lifestyle as she marries Vicky who is now a famous superstar due to the film Karan made, which turned out to be a blockbuster. Mask is a Indian suspense thriller film directed by the famous duo Abbas-Mustan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Then he faked his suicide and that would be the ending of the film. Newcomer Urvashi Sharma acts as if she has the experience of many films behind her. Therefore, Vicky and Sophia let the movie release.

Vicky escapes from the police station, and all the blame goes on the film's associate producers as they had planned the stunt in the first place. However, nothing goes as planned. He's splendid, the real scene stealer, the soul of the enterprise. It turns out he had hidden cameras in Sophia's home, thattam pidichu valikkalle mp3 and recorded all the intimate scenes between Vicky and her. Urvashi Sharma gets a dream launch and she utilizes the golden opportunity completely.

The story revolves around the life of Sophia Urvashi Sharma who lives in Goa. Vicky shoots Karan with the fake gun multiple times, but it turns out that the gun had real bullets, and Karan brutally dies. Sophia gets mad at Vicky, and insists on meeting Rohit Shroff. When she is stalked and then attacked by a rapist named Rakesh, Sophia re-locates to Dubai.

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Vicky arrives at the hospital and meets Sophia, where it is revealed that Sophia and Vicky have actually murdered Karan. Rohit arrives, and it turns out that Karan is actually Rohit Shroff. It is just so, so, so wonderful. His chemistry with Urvashi is superb.

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For tne film, see Naqaab film. In the end, the associate producers are trapped in jail.

Bobby Deol does his part well but offers nothing vulnerable. Vicky calls Rohit to the building. Sophia changed the fake gun to a real one with real bullets for Vicky to shoot with. Former model Urvashi Sharma makes her film debut as the leading actress of the film.

Ek din teri raahon Baahoon mein panaahon mein Aungaa khojaunga Ek din tera ho jaunga Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein dil to na keh saka Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein dil to na keh saka. Ek din teri raahon Baahoon mein panaahon mein Aungaa kho jaunga Ek din tera ho jaunga Ek din. Chupke se Chupke se teri neeedon mein Khwaabon mein khayalon mein Chaaunga Khojunga Ek din tera ho jaunga. Ek din teri raahon Baahoon mein panaahon mein Aungaa khojaunga Ek din tera ho jaunga.

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The best song I have ever heard in the whole universe. In custody, Vicky explains to the police officers that it was all supposed to be a publicity stunt, and they let him free. Bobby is relegated to the backseat in the first hour, but manages to make his presence felt in the second half. The soundtrack of Naqaab is composed by Pritam. When Karan gets embarrassed in front of everyone for being dumped at the altar, he commits suicide, and when Sophia finds out about this, she realises it was her fault that Karan is dead.

Just took a print out of the lyrics for my daddy! Karan then convinces Vicky and Sophia that if they do not go along with the film, he would upload the intimate scenes of them on the internet, and turn them into porn-stars. It have the sweetest meaning.

Critics were generally positive to the performances of the three lead actors. Har ghadi har ghadi teri yaadoon mein vaadon mein iradon mein Aungaa kho jaunga Ek din tera ho jaunga.

The story of the film is inspired by the Hollywood movie Dot the I. At the altar, she changes her mind, ditches him and decides to move in with Vicky.