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Osiris is a human figure distinguished by his lofty conical helmet, and holding a crook and a whip. The descent to the Ninth Sphere was, in the ancient mysteries, the maximum test of the Supreme Dignity of the Hierophant. It would appear that the knowledge of hieroglyphics was fast dying out, and only preserved by members of the previous generation.

His proper attribute is the Cynocephalus baboon. This they also style the second Ogdoad, of which we shall speak presently. The third musical octave will originate the crystallization of the Sexual Hydrogen Si in the magnificent Solar form of the legitimate Mental Body. The tree that does not put forth fruit is cut and cast into the fire. The Seventh Church is Laodicea.

It is urgent to be born again in order to have the full right to enter the Kingdom. The First Church is Ephesus and corresponds to the sexual organs. Of these explanations the most important are what follow.

Reference is made in this word to Nous, who was, as we have already seen, also called Son, and who interested himself in the recovery of Sophia. She is denoted hieroglyphically by a hawk placed within a square.

The name of Sexual Magic in Sanskrit is Maithuna. The second, similarly robed, held up with both hands the Altar that derives its name from the beneficent Providence of the supreme goddess. When the Kundalini awakens, it ascends along the medullar canal of the spinal column. This belief explains the appearance of a lizard upon the breast of certain figures of Minerva.

For their opinion is, that He continued to preach for one year only after His baptism. In Maithuna the Sexual Energy transmuted ascends up to the cerebrum. It is necessary to have studied comparative religion and have the Key of the Arcane A. It is impossible to roll the Stone, lift it, if we have first not given it a cubic shape with the chisel and the hammer.

In the last case she takes the name of Taf-net. The legend goes that the tree Cordia myxa, or Sebestene plum was first planted at Memphis by the hero Perseus, company liquidating trust whence its name.

The Third Churchis Pergamos, located at the level of the navel and confers upon us the power over the fire. The Brabmins are not Twice-Born, but symbolically they are. It is urgent to become Twice-Born. That Lady lives with the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, etc. Many are the sincerely mistaken ones who believe that they can attain self- realization by excluding sex.

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The Asp expresses a planet, for like that luminary, it moves rapidly, though without any visible organ of locomotion. It is in this manner that the Brahmins symbolically explain the Second Birth taught by Jesus to Nicodemus. The sacred serpent coiled three and a half times sleeps within the Church of Ephesus. Now this is the exact shape of a large brown lamp from Herculaneum Caylus, vii.

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By this declaration He set forth the faculty of Horos. The same minister likewise carried a small golden vestibule made in a round form like an udder, out of which he poured libations of milk. The Sixth Church is Philadelphia and is located at the point between the eyebrows and confers upon us the power to see the Internal Worlds and the creatures that inhabit them. The Sun-god, Phre, or Ra, depicted with the head of a hawk, supporting the solar disc entwined with the serpent Uraeus.

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For men were not born for this, thus with pen and with ink to confirm their faith. This marvelous Church is the thousand petalled Lotus located in the Pineal gland, on the superior part of the cerebrum.

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In another sense he expresses a Prophet, from his habit of staring fixedly at the statues of the gods. The Fourth Church is Thyatira located at the level of the heart and confers upon us the power over the air and many powers, such as voluntary unfoldment, that of the Jinas, etc.

Ammon phonetically, Amen has a human, and occasionally a ram's, head, from which rises a parti-coloured plume. Erect and with uplifted paws and a basilisk asp upon his head, he symbolises the New Moon, whose first appearance he hails after this fashion.