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Silver screen perfection awaits at these quirky indie cinemas. Amiens International Film Festival. The dubbing in the transatlantic version isn't too disastrous. The strangers quickly bond together and embark on a series of misadventures, some of them drawn together by the heady scent of romance. Pialat's first feature is a wonderfully delicate study of a ten-year-old boy and his decline into delinquency when boarded out with foster parents after being abandoned by his mother.

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Cinema of France

Eric Rohmer The third of Rohmer's six moral tales, and the first of his films to achieve wide recognition. He described this, his penultimate film, as a digest of the nineteen definitive underworld set-ups that could be found in John Huston's picture of doomed gangsters, The Asphalt Jungle. That is, a glorious experiment in, and exploration of, the nature of cinema. Wonderfully moving, with great performances. He combats the inertia and boredom of his frustrated antagonists with a thrusting, jiving camera style which harries and punctuates their rambling, often very funny dialogue.

Chris Marker Imagine getting letters from a friend in Japan, full of images, sounds and ideas. The movement, while an inspiration to other national cinemas and unmistakably a direct influence on the future New Hollywood directors, slowly faded by the end of the s. The earliest example of sci-fi and fantasy genres on film, it tells the story of a group of astronomers who voyage to the moon and do battle with giant insectoid aliens. Obscure, oneiric, it's either some sort of masterpiece or meaningless twaddle.

Jean-Pierre Melville Melville's hombres don't talk a lot, they just move in and out of the shadows, their trenchcoats lined with guilt and their hats hiding their eyes. Homicides provide the punch lines in this classic gangster comedy. Box office Film festivals Cinema chains UniFrance. Castella Bacri is an industrialist, married, who in his own world, is king.

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Australia Fiji New Zealand Samoa. Le Masque describes how an old man wears a mask of youth at a dance hall to extend his youthful memories. Throughout his professional life, France's Henri-Georges Clouzot suffered comparisons to Alfred Hitchcock - the former's critical reputation languished for it, and he took it hard.

Insane gadgets slam and roar, high heels click like metronomes, and even a depressed dachshund in a tartan overcoat obligingly submits to Tati's meticulous direction. They to the south of France in a hail of gunfire and Gauloises. Algeria Egypt Morocco Tunisia. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well.

It became the highest-grossing French-language film ever released in the United States. The three-hour film was extremely difficult to make due to the Nazi occupation. Popcorn, devalayam songs a glass of wine and an arthouse film.

Angola Madagascar South Africa. The result is something utterly indescribable, partway between comedy and tragedy, romance and realism, film and dream.

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Once on board, Juliette is caught between her uncertain love for Jean and her desire to see a world beyond the restrictive confines of the boat. Another example was La Folie des grandeurs with Yves Montand. Annual festival devoted to Polish cinema. Some lovely Hitchcockian games, like the strange ketchup that drips onto a picnic hamburger from a clifftop where the latest victim has been claimed. Wryly and delightfully witty.

The message may be that happiness is as rare as a sunny day, and sorrow is forever, but a counterbalancing warmth is provided by Pialat's enormous care for his creations. The film works as a one-sided love story, yet finds time to flesh out half a dozen peripheral characters, each in his or her own way as lovelorn and alone as the industrialist.

In addition, French movie stars began to claim fame abroad as well as at home. Embracing every level of French society, from the aristocratic hosts to a poacher turned servant, the film presents a hilarious yet melancholic picture of a nation riven by petty class distinctions. We already have this email.

Remade by Fritz Lang as Scarlet Street. Imbued with a dry, ironic sense of humour, the film is perhaps the director's most perfectly realised, and certainly his most moving. The face we see most is, naturally, Falconetti's as Joan, and it's hard to imagine a performer evincing physical anguish and spiritual exaltation more palpably. On to this slim story, writer-directors Jeunet and Caro pile a wealth of delicious comic detail. And one might even conclude that Tati is a closet misanthrope.

Jacques Tati Tati's first film in colour. Bertrand Tavernier Purists may object to Tavernier's treatment of Jim Thompson's excellent if sordid and sadistic thriller, Pop. International student short-film festival of Cergy-Pontoise. In their varying guises, they dismantle all real-world attachments a pompous boyfriend and a burgeoning magic career are playfully, hilariously tossed to the wind so that they can focus on a fantasy. Please enter the required information.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He wants to tell you stories, but he can't find a story big enough to deal with his sense of contrasts, his wish to grasp fleeting moments, his recurring memories. The French government has implemented various measures aimed at supporting local film production and movie theaters. The French cinema comprises the art of film and creative movies made within the nation of France or by French filmmakers abroad.

Strange insights into the effects of racism and the complicity of its victims, embellished with black wit and an elegant visual sense. Once a year, in February or March. Diabolique is the perfect psychosexual thriller, and this earlier effort is Hitch's bomb-under-the-table suspense formula burnished to an expert sheen. Annecy International Animated Film Festival. But it's quite unique, with the hero's ruthlessness paralleled by Guitry's own in never letting anyone else get a look in.

Lists of French films