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The island of Sardinia, right below the French island of Corsica, on the eastern coast is the Adriatic Sea, leading into the rest of the Mediterranean through the Strait of Otranto. Greek historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus states this account together with the legend that Italy was named after Italus, mentioned also by Aristotle and Thucydides. The weakened sovereigns soon fell victim to conquest by European powers such as France, Spain and Austria. Alberto Cavallari was the editor-in-chief of the paper during the early s, in September the paper launched a weekly magazine supplement, Sette, which is the first in its category in Italy. Il Messaggero is published in format and is based in Rome.

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Extensive share and financial product listings are provided in its daily supplement, irregular supplements are also produced with a focus on a specific issue such as a particular business sector. The largest city of Southern Italy is Naples, a name from the Greek that it has maintained for millennia. Since its inception Il Messaggero has been owned by different companies, one of the former owners is Montedison through the Ferruzzi Group. The bull was a symbol of the southern Italic tribes and was often depicted goring the Roman wolf as a defiant symbol of free Italy during the Social War.

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Some also include the most southern and eastern parts of Lazio within the Mezzogiorno, Southern Italy carries a unique legacy of culture. It was also during this period that Christianity came to Campania, Two of the apostles, dating intelligent man St.

Naples is the Italian city with the highest number of accredited stars from the Michelin Guide, Naples sports scene is dominated by football and Serie A club S. The rest of Campania, with the exception of Naples, adopted the Latin language as official and was Romanised. He was an opponent of Socialism, of clericalism. Papers also include articles which have no byline, these articles are written by staff writers, a wide variety of material has been published in newspapers.

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Along the northern coast of the Salernitan Gulf and on the south of the Sorrentine Peninsula runs the Amalfi Coast, off the tip of the peninsula is the isle of Capri. During the Roman era, the area maintained a Greco-Roman culture, the capital city of Campania is Naples. Paul, are said to have preached in the city of Naples, and there were also several martyrs during this time. Periodicity, They are published at intervals, typically daily or weekly.

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The majority of firms are financed by local capital. The term was popularised by Giuseppe Garibaldi and it eventually came into vogue after the Italian unification. Newspapers are typically published daily or weekly, News magazines are also weekly, but they have a magazine format.

The climate is mainly Mediterranean, except at the highest elevations and the eastern stretches in Apulia, along the Ionian Sea in Calabria. Today, Italy has the third largest economy in the Eurozone and it has a very high level of human development and is ranked sixth in the world for life expectancy. Other ancient Italian peoples of undetermined language families but of possible origins include the Rhaetian people and Cammuni. The daily has a left political leaning.

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Separating the heel and the boot is the Gulf of Taranto, named after the city of Taranto and it is an arm of the Ionian Sea. They renamed the city Beneventum, which grew in stature until it was only to Capua in southern Italy.

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The legacy of the Roman Empire is widespread and can be observed in the distribution of civilian law, republican governments, Christianity. Due to its shape, it is referred to in Italy as lo Stivale. Despite being one of the victors in World War I, Italy entered a period of economic crisis and social turmoil.