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This is said to be one of the old traditional method. Ramaswamy that if he does not help treat Vijaya, Sundaram will be jailed for the accident. Any website on or about Badaga is always welcome.

Being Sundaram's friend, he tries to help the couple without revealing his relationship with Vijaya. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

However, Dr Thirupathy, Ravi and Sundaram rescue her and return to the wedding venue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After her parents death, her uncle tries to marry her in order to acquire her wealth. Tea plantation is the major agriculture here. Vijaylakshmi's last film before her marriage.

Meanwhile, Ravi meets his real sister in the hotel with Sundaram. Several Badaga have become officials in various parts of the Indian Government. She opens the trunk and finds evidence of Vedachalam and Sivakami's wedding. She tries to take her to the hospital, but the taxi driver refuses to help. Vedachalam is also secretly married to Sivakami and has a daughter Vijaya L.

The language has no script. Hethai festival though is a customary and traditional festival people enjoy and celebrate this particular carnival a lot.

Ooty Varai Uravu

As there are more then three hundred odd hattis villages in ooty, every village consists of atleast hundred houses. There are few movies in badaga language, popular singers like swarnalatha has sung songs in the movies. Their hospitality is just amazing. Needing a place to stay, she decides to go to Vedachalam and claim that she is his daughter.

Muthuraman and seeks his help. In an auspicious time, the groom side offers the chain and the dress to the girl. They have the unique and adaptable traditions.

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It has the interesting customs and traditions. Badaga houses are fascinating and traditional buildings. Kali made out of raagi, Butter Beans, Sandagai, Green leaves are the daily consumed foods.

Vijaya reaches the railway station and realises that she has Vijaya's luggage. At his suggestion, Sundaram takes Vijaya home claiming that he ran over her and that she has lost her memory as a result of the accident.

She is forced to tell him the truth. The beats are so compelling that no one could escape from a badaga function without dancing a step. Badaga wedding is not a usual Hindu wedding.

The main occupation of the people in this community is agriculture. Tamil-language films Films directed by C. As per the tradition of the badaga community, hethai amman god is not supposed to be displayed in photos. There are nine goddess in hethai. After the engagement the girl is not supposed to move from her place till the marriage day.

Ooty Varai Uravu Promotional poster. Since Ravi has to return to Ooty, Sundaram, new tamil mp4 video songs 2012 his father and Rathi move there as well.

He accepts the charges and introduces her to his wife and son as his friend's daughter. Vedachalam who comes there to attend Sundaram's wedding is shocked to see that Ravi is getting married there as well. Throughout the district the Badugas live in nearly villages, called Hattis. Ravi is disturbed to know that his father had a second wife, but does not reveal his identity to her. Belli Lakshmi Ramakrishnan M.

Unwilling to marry him, she runs away from home. Viswanathan Tamil films remade in other languages Screenplays by Chitralaya Gopu.

Vedachalam is against this relationship since he believes that Vijaya is his daughter. The whole family and the village of the bride celebrate the day before by decorating the house and performing the evergreen badaga dance. Then, they bless the bride. Vijaylakshmi in the lead roles.