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Your reaction may vary depending on your own position on the educational or socio-economic ladder. Concierge features personal coaching, profile rewrites, or date planning for an extra fee for both men and women. The hope was that that this would offer the opportunity for more meaningful interaction and a higher response rate for both sexes. And then there's the pesky business of chemistry.

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Does being highly educated guarantee dating success? Men are required to be referred in by an already existing member, reting rimpoche dating sim cheats or need to apply for membership through submission of their LinkedIn preferably or Facebook profiles. Offers women a pool of college graduates who are actually employed!

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In fact, some of the brightest and most financially successful men we know can't get past the first or second date. Is the assumption here that women's sexual market value, coupled with a basic college degree inherently makes them as valuable a man with an Ivy League degree?

Requirement of graduation from a prestigious or top college only applies to men, likely assuming that women's sexual market value make up for this gap. The puzzling piece is why limit the educational standard to the men?

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