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The Intouchables is not a particularly smart or complex movie, but it is a winning one. Charges of racism are absurd particularly for a film like The Intouchables so sincere in its attempts to show both socioeconomic and racial diversity. Fortunately, Intouchables escapes such syrupy sentimentality. The movie was, however, so successful that it became part of the national conversation there, helping to provide an alternative to the Sarkozy narrative on race, immigration, and the wealthy. Omar Sy plays Driss, a Senegalese ex-con living in the projects.

Philippe shares classic music with Driss, Driss sharing back his favourite pop songs with Philippe, they have interested to know each other and there is not the employment relation anymore. Aside from some initial misgivings over having to fit him with leggings each morning for blood flow and evacuate his bowels by hand, Driss grows into a capable and compassionate caretaker. In fact, Driss is not shy about making Philippe's disability a source of comedy, and often forgets about his disability long enough to treat him like a real person. By the end of the film, Driss is applying for a new job, while discussing Dali and poetry with his interviewer, this time for a job he wants and gets.

And after that I wonder that why Philippe chooses and employs Driss who has a criminal record, and from the class and background they are totally different and will no consensus or unintelligible. He used the differences of the characters to highlight the fact that neither man judges the other. He brings me into the story. Driss become a responsible adult, qualities he takes back to his own family, and Philippe develops a sense of humor and a reason for living.

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In fact, he is ingenuous and due to his helplessness of life he hopes to change his life on his own and upholds his principle. Philippe is surrounded by people afraid to make a genuine connection with him. The acting of this movie is excellent, especially Omar Sy gives a vivid portrayal to the character and the feeling for the plot ups and downs are all from his subtle facial expressions. There always has a probability that people who seem are unapproachable will become confidants in lifetime.

At the same time, the actions that Driss does for Philippe are creating a novelty lifestyle and he forgets the difference between himself and others. And yes, while Driss does work as a caretaker for a wealthy white man, it's a far cry from Viola Davis in The Help. Philippe, on the other hand, was reaching for improvement, but without success. Philippe, exhausted with the same brand of pitying, humorless caretakers that never stay on for more than a few months, decides to give Driss a shot, in part because Driss doesn't show him any pity.

While there are elements of both, Intouchables transcends those simplistic terms to become a meaningful film about friendship. As American viewers watching Intouchables, brony speed dating I could not help imagining how an American studio would have treated the same story.

We are all human being, we must always meet some problems in life and have to face it. This sets the tone for the relationship, the two men constantly challenging each other to reject expectations. Philippe introduces Driss to classical music, opera and abstract painting, and Driss introduces Philippe to marijuana, hookers, and Kool and the Gang.

This is because he is not like the heroes character that no fault and has miraculous power, he is more like an ordinary person that will make mistakes and does and speak meaningless matter. Conversely, Philippe is a rich white man who possesses an elegant lifestyle and belonging to upper class of society. As an American viewer, I can also understand why American viewers did not identify with the film as well.

The two characters would descend into caricature. At the beginning of the movie, the sight that police cars chase Driss and Philippe make me mistakenly think that it was a story about polices and gangsters. Driss seems like not observing proper rules, casualness, no sympathy and compassion. He belonging to the underclass of the society. Moments of delight and comedy are juxtaposed with deep pain.

Untouchable, review - Telegraph

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When the audience first meets Driss, he is a parolee, directionless, without hope or ambition for a better life. Driss, a tall and rude guy interests with artistic things, like drawing, listen to classic music, and try to understand poetry. The latter part of the movie, I find that Driss and Philippe who are different personality and background are beginning to affect each other. Driss, a good man in need of stability, is taken with his opulent new home, and we see him larking around in the free-standing bath and carousing with exotic women in his wood-panelled apartment.

They have different mindset and seem to never have relevance in life but the longer time they get along, they more understanding each other and have built a deep friendship in life. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter. Almost instantly, the two men strike up a mischievous camaraderie.

Philippe does not angry with him and their friendship is shown from these humorous and persiflage between them. Philippe pitch on Driss among those experienced interview candidates and offers Driss one month trial period to gain experience to become his home carer. At the beginning, Driss faces many challenges that not only the long term physical therapy, but also helping Philippe bathing, enema, wearing stockings, sort up the letters, beck-and-call and so on.

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People always look at others from their own perspective, therefore, self-righteousness become a weapon that have bring the biggest harmful to others. It all starts from he treats him equally, get along like a friend, and invisibly does what the normal person does. Philippe, an upper class man starts smoking, laughs wantonly and happily, and even swearing. Dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba.

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This is what Philippe desiring in life. He applies for a job as Phillippe's caretaker because he knows he won't get it, and he needs three job rejections before he can receive his benefits. As Driss, Sy conveys a joie de vivre that is contagious, not only to Philippe, but the audience. The superb performances by Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet elevate the film from silly melodrama to real drama. Cluzet is amazing at portraying a full range of reactions with only his voice, facial expressions, and movements of his head.

They fly in a private jet, they go paragliding, and they get around is expensive sports cars. As long as the movie is more realistic, the more I can appreciate the life value in the movie.

Some criticized it a racist, some for treating a serious subject too lightly. He is flirting with a girl who reciprocates his interest. He likes extreme sport but cause of a parachute jumping accident he paralyzes from the neck to down, so that he needs a home attendant to take care his daily life. In America, on the other hand, it's been seen as racist by at least one critic, who unfortunately has become the defining American voice on the film.