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Photon Kathaas Ondraga Entertainment. Gopal Murali and Sadai are rickshaw pullers and best friends, they live in a slum with their mother. Rahman would work on the film. After the funeral, a neighbour reveals Gopal that his best friend killed his wife but Gopal refuses to believe him first. They eventually get married and Valli moves in Gopal's small house, thus Gopal's mother and Sadai have to sleep in front of the house.

Kannanukkeththanai Kovilo lyrics. Gopal and his wife Valli reassure Sadai and swear to find him a better woman. After seeing each other for four years, they decide to get married.

Nee Unnai Arindhaal Directed by V. Other Unnai Arinthaal Songs. If you know yourself is a Tamil drama film film directed by V.

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Yennai Arindhaal masstamilanYennai Arindhaal

The film was edited by Anthony while Dan Macarthur handled the cinematography. Gautham Menon Deccan Chronicle. During the credits scene, Isha and Thenmozhi plan out her birthday. Katha Naayagan Kathai Sonnan lyrics.

Anirudh Ravichander had hinted about himself working in the film, but his inclusion remained unconfirmed, and ultimately proved to be untrue. The film goes back to the year in Chennai then known as Madras where Sathyadev's father Nassar is killed by a criminal Daniel Balaji. The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer R. Gopal returns home after a hard day's work and discovers the dead body of his wife. From there, Sathyadev makes a decision and is seen in a jail with Victor a few years later.

Things get sticky, when Valli gets pregnant, she finds that Sadai is having a bad influence on her husband. The next day, his dead body was found under a bridge. Harikrishnan, Indian Bhaskar and Dhadha Muthukumar playing supporting roles. One day, they force Sadai to see a woman, who they choose for him to be married to but the woman insults Sadai for being an ugly man and an alcoholic.

The soundtrack album consists of seven tracks. Gopal and his mother don't want to see Sadai being alone, so they decide to find him a wife.

Thiagarajan Kumararaja is also credited for the screenplay. The teaser became the most-liked Indian film teaser, which was previously held by Bang Bang! Gopal and Sadai are kind-hearted persons, Gopal is a soft person without any bad habits whereas Sadai is a big brute who loves drinking alcohol and sleeping with prostitutes.

Victor tells Sathyadev that he will release Isha only if he surrenders Thenmozhi, to which Sathyadev accepts. The film goes back to the present where Sathyadev keeps Thenmozhi in their house with Isha.

Rishiraj and Kushi attended the audio launch. He is therefore heartbroken and mad with rage all at the same time.

The International Business Times. Yennai Arindhaal Theatrical poster.

Unnai Arinthal Song Lyrics From Vettaikaaran

Rishiraj and Indian Bhaskar. In response to the request by Ajith's fans, the makers agreed to release a single track prior to the soundtrack release.

One night, the neighbour curses Sadai for killing Valli, Sadai then kills him for being the only witness of the murder. Sathyadev finds Thenmozhi's location and saves her and Isha, and kills Lisa. Gopal has had this suspicion that Sadai might have murdered his wife, so he decides to unearth his wife's corpse and he finds there Sadai's hair. The film was shot entirely on the Arri Alexa digital motion picture camera system. Before Sathyadev takes Isha home, he reminds Thenmozhi of the pending coffee that Thenmozhi wanted to have with Sathyadev, indicating that he is ready to move on in life with Thenmozhi.

Unnai Pol Oruvan Tamil mp3 songs download

Choudhary, had musical score by R. Sadai then trades the jewels for money but instead of repairing his vehicle, he pays Dashani to sleep with him. Gopal thought she has committed suicide because he refused to follow her advice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The heavily intoxicated Sadai then goes to Gopal's house, and Valli reluctantly welcomes him.

Sathyadev decides to quit his job and travels with Isha around India along with his colleague Richard's Vivek help. Manjal Mugame Varuga lyrics. You may also be interested in. Shortly after, virtual room designer Gopal's mother died of heart attack. Rishiraj is an orphan who was adopted by Gopal's mother T.

Sundar has scored the music for the lyrics jotted down by Indian Bhaskar. More stills featuring Ajith and the other cast and crew members were released on the same day. Thenmozhi promises to be with Isha throughout the day. Rishiraj and Indian Bhaskar had written the story, screenplay and dialogues and the latter is taking care of the stunts. Newcomer Kushi was chosen to play the female lead role, with V.

Unnai Arinthal Song Lyrics From Vettaikaaran

Yennai Arindhaal masstamilan

International Business Times. The soundtrack album and background score for the film was composed by Harris Jayaraj. Sadai wants to sleep with the beautiful prostitute Dashani Risha but he does not have enough money to pay her.

Yennai Arindhaal Tamil Mp3 Songs Download