Uruvam 1991 Tamil Movie

How this innocent family escapes from the cursed house forms the crux of the story. Rajpreeth, Ilavarasan and Dhayal handle the camera, K.

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The film was made on low budget, G. Without giving too much away, the plot concerns a curse placed on a family who come to live in a new house by the sea. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Only one priest could save them from the dreaded curse but will he be able to save them on time?

Singh Tarun Jalan Written by G. Many scenes are taken in a frightening way. Mohan and his family arrive at a supposedly cursed house. Kumar, who acted in two of his previous films. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Viswam comes to their rescue and fights against the evil spirit which is in Mohan's body. Selvakumar with Ilavarasan and D. Story centers on a House that is cursed with black magic by its previous tenant who has lost a court case on the proprietorship of the house against its new residents. However the best part of this movie was the combination of the atmosphere and background music.

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There are some very effective scenes and the camera work is well above par for Indian horror movies of this era. Jolna Swamy finally destroys the spirit, but Mohan is sent to a mental asylum, where he grieves for not believing in Almighty God. The film ultimately bombed at the box office, but the film has become a strong cult film.

Viswam Veera Pandiyan Jaimala Sathyajith. The film doesn't have any fights. Viswam would have a vital role of a Swamy and was also responsible for the dialogue. This is an interesting and generally well made south Indian horror movie that doesn't have the comedy and musical numbers that are common in Bombay productions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Uruvam 1991 tamil movie

Kumar began work on his next film, also his first horror film. Manivannan took up the post of the editor. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. However slowly they come to realise that the place is indeed cursed.

Despite all these shortcomings, cooking book it still got two very strong points that makes it a kind of cult classic among the fans of Tamil Horror genre. Good movie Well there aren't many tamil horror movies and the ones that are there are total crap.

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Uruvam 1991 tamil movie

Interestingly, this was dubbed into Hindi and released as Khooni Hawas with a considerable number of alterations. So he appeals to Bangaru Muni Sathyajith and he sets off a devastating black magic attack on the legitimate son Mohan Mohan and his family.

Well worth seeking out in either version if you have an interest in horror films from India. The film was produced by Pallavi's brother and another partner.

Uruvam 1991 tamil movie

Ilaiyaraaja provided mainly the background music and composed only one song. They all move to the palatial house.

This was also a box office disaster that made sure the director will not direct any more feature film in his career ended up incurring heavy debts. Watch this film for its fantastic score and visualization, you won't be disappointed. This Film has got plenty of plot holes, inconsistent pace, and ham acting. Was this review helpful to you? Mohan's acting is awesome in this movie.

Mohan accepted the offer of the protagonist and hoped for a fresh lease on his career. Viswam dialogues Starring Mohan Pallavi R. The illegitimate son of a rich man loses a court battle over the palatial house in which he has been living.

Soon, the family is disturbed by a supernatural spirit unleashed by Bangaru Muni, and the spirit is none other than the dead rich illegitimate person described in the movie's introduction. Most of the characters in this movie would be killed by the demon except for her. Mohan is an atheist who doesn't believe in the supernatural or God.

They are, haunting synth centric background score of Ilaiyaraja and Goosebumps raising camera work of Velu Prabhakaran. This was one of the few movies where Mohan lent his own voice for his on screen persona instead of getting it dubbed by the dubbing artist S. Of course they don't know this.