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Collect this idea The Home Planner from Ikea lets you try different furniture in the space. After you have planned out how the spaces will look, you are ready to start buying the materials and getting started, right? This was one limitation in the program. Image courtesy of Armstrong Flooring. All the other tools on this list currently are all free.

HomeByMe is a downloadable free room-planning tool. Put rooms, doors, furniture and everything right where you want it.

The kitchen tool is found here on another page. The home furniture list displays the dimensions of each piece by name and size. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

You can look at images online and see samples of those items, and from there try to decide what you think will work. Then you can instantly change the flooring materials and colors. These programs have an advanced graphical interface and offer a large selection of objects and furnishings for arranging within rooms. These programs allow you to choose from images of different room types. Its a quick and easy tool for getting a good idea of color combinations.

10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools

You can add just about every item you can imagine in and outside around the house including landscaping and pool. Get your dream Ikea kitchen using their Planner. Or you can use their existing room images. This tool alows you to change floors, walls, counters and trim. Choose from any of the tools from flooring manufacturers listed below.

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Nevertheless, it is a challenge to envision products and materials in your own home's space. This tool seems to require more learning than most of the others. Image courtesy of HomeByMe. View your house from every possible angle.

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Doors and windows come in a variety of choices and require no prior knowledge of types, clearances, etc. In the past, the only way to envision your dream room was to sketch the room on paper, noting these elements and their locations. Maybe you are looking to remodel just one room of your house at a time like a kitchen remodel. Collect this idea Make your vision into a digital reality with Homestyler.

Then personalize your space with area rugs and finish items by several manufacturers. The choice of furnishings in your home embodies your persona and lifestyle, making it important to choose furniture and fixtures carefully.

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There are some video tutorials on the main page. Add everything into your house and view it from all around. From there you pick tile style, color, size, etc. Image courtesy of SmartDraw. The tools that do allow you to upload your image are mostly limited to changing floors and walls, sometimes counters and trim as well.

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But you still get the idea. You can choose an image and change floor, walls and trim. Image courtesy of The Home Renovator. Their tool is focused on flooring. When you flip through the Ikea catalog, do you ever wish you could see how, say, a certain bookshelf and desk would look in your space?

10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools

Make your vision into a digital reality with Homestyler. You can use the software without joining, or join and upload your model to your Facebook wall for your friends to see. This one like the others allows you to add rooms, set the size, add furniture, flooring, wall colors and everything else. You can do the same for the walls as well, however the result we found to be not quite as effective as for the floor. How to Make the Most of your Mudroom.

You can also upload your own image. Next choose the room style and then the flooring materials, colors, etc.

Depending on your skill level, objective and how you want to present your final drawings, there is a program perfect for you. You can change the flooring types as well as the paint on the walls. The interface has four sections. Start planning your next home makeover online.

Choose your room image and select floor type, wall color and trim. You first select a surface - floor, upper wall, tiled wall, or tile trim. Most importantly, they are all free. The free tool however allows you to do alot. Collect this idea Get your dream Ikea kitchen using their Planner.

The pricing seems pretty fair though. We hope you like the products we recommend. Image courtesy of EasyHome Homestyler.

You can change the flooring, wall color and lighting from day to night. Real products are used for inserting into your model. Try out paint color and move walls, all without buying a thing! We found this tool to be particularly useful for uploading your own image, along with the tool from Armstrong. With Mannington or Armstrong you can do the processing yourself.

Though to do so you must create a virtual replica of your room rather than upload your image. With their virtual tool you can choose room type images and view it with all types of flooring, wall colors and trim. Moreover, zend with a virtual room painter you can pick your favorite paint colors and virtually paint your interior room.

This tool is especially helpful if your home is still under construction. Smartdraw is a suite of programs for visual graphics and presentations, including project charts, timelines, marketing charts and flow charts. Under the flow-chart application are floor plans and individual room plans. Everything is done as with all of these programs, on the website.